What's In My Purse?: Beauty Essentials

I still have a billion photos to edit from my vacation in California and our trip to King Richard's Faire, but for now, a quick beauty post! Since people often inquire about my beauty essentials, here is my current line-up of cosmetics that I always keep in my purse:
  • Hard Candy Welcome Matte - Mattifying Translucent Pressed Powder
    I actually got this powder on a whim, since I needed something to set my makeup on the go (especially since some BB creams leave a bit of a dewy finish).
  • eos Smooth Sphere in Strawberry Sorbet
    At any given time, I always carry at least a couple tubes of lip balms with me. I usually use Nivea tinted lipbalm (in A Kiss of Cherry), but the consistency and flavor of this eos lipbalm is perfect for providing a bit of ice cream-flavored moisture throughout the day. Also, the round packaging reminds me of a Weeble, so that's totes cute or whatever.
  • e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Kit
    Real talk: I didn't really get in the habit of filling in my eyebrows until within the last year or so, despite the fact that I've regularly plucked and shaped my eyebrows since middle school. This affordable little kit is easy to use and provides great definition. (Side note: On the days when I'm a bit lazier with my makeup, I can just hide my stupidly sparse eyebrows under my bangs. Beauty tips! Lethargy!)
  • Tokyomilk Conditioning Lip Balm in Clove Cigarette
    Remember back in high school, how there was always that older, cooler kid who would never, ever be friends with you? This smells like that kid.
  • Wet N Wild H2O Proof Liquid Eyeliner in Ultra Black
    For conventions, special occasions, and photoshoots, I usually use L'Oreal gel eyeliner, which can feel a bit heavy on hot days (hiss!) and tired eyes (boo!). For daily wear, this Wet N Wild eyeliner is light and virtually budge-proof and I've quickly mastered how to apply my thick cat-eyed liner within a fraction of the time it usually takes for me to create the same effect with my gel liner. Plus, it's impervious to sweat (ew), rainstorms (yay), and hysterical One Direction crying fits. Truly, the perfect eyeliner for a quarter-life crisis.
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam
    In conjunction with my compulsion to equip myself with a handful of lip balms, I always carry a red lip product in my purse as well (usually Revlon Lip Butter in "Candy Apple," Revlon ColorStay in "Ripened Red," or MAC Cosmetics "Wonder Woman"). I actually just purchased this NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream a couple weeks ago in LA, after seeing Darshana's review of the product and it's just lovely. I love the color/stain and texture of this product, and I've been wearing it almost everyday since I've returned to the East Coast.
  • Holika Holika Clearing Petit BB Cream
    This BB cream does wonders for my weird combination skin - it moisturizes, provides medium coverage, and protects my pale complexion from the sun (goth2death). Plus, there are cats on the packaging, so obviously.
What are your beauty essentials? I would love to hear your recommendations


  1. i want to try that bb cream so bad!

    mine are:

    *make up for ever - mist & fix
    i have combo skin my nose usually gets oily but the rest of my face gets very dry, so w/o this product my dry patches start to appear under my foundation which looks really gross. it makes my face look fresh & dewy and it makes my makeup last a really long time (very minimal touch ups)

    *urban decay - eyeshadow primer
    eyeshadow creasing and smudging used to be a big problem for me but not with this, makes my eyeshadow last all day! it also makes applying it a lot smoother, too.

    *obsessive compulsive cosmetics - lip tar
    great range of colors normal pinks and reds but also have things like teal, purple, yellow etc. they are ultra pigmented and last allllllllllllll day.. you will need to touch up after eating, unless you eat like peggy hill.

    *seche vite top coat
    this is the best top coat i have ever used! it makes your nails look ultra shiny/professionally done and it makes my manicure last a really long time.. even with Kirby nipping at my hands!

    1. I have combo skin too, so I'll have to check out that MUFE mist & fix! I've always been wanting to try out those OCC Lip Tars ever since I saw Nylon review them - I love their selection of colors *o*

      Thanks so much for the recommendations, Sioux ♡

  2. I love looking at your beauty products! :) I can't really afford makeup right now so I don't really have beauty essentials (although I have to say that Marcelle Power Volume mascara works great for me) but I love reading product reviews like this so that I know what's quality for when I do have some money. These are pretty affordable brands too which is great!

  3. I'm so glad your on blogspot now! <3 <3

  4. I adore BB cream! I actually have that lip balm in the honeysuckle honeydew flavor and it's amazing.

  5. Oh my god I love your descriptions. I really want some Tokyo Milk... I swear I'll never be able to find somewhere that stocks it (minus the store several hours away that costs serious $$$$)

    The Lovelorn

  6. ohhhh thanks for this post, gonna try out that bb cream!

  7. Want to buy the bb cream based on its cute packaging haha