a post about salem

A couple weekends ago, Jasmine (the third/Jerseyan honorary member of Les Villainettes) trekked to Boston to visit me & AK, and spooky adventures ensued. We spent most of the day stocking up on miscellaneous Halloween items and getting ready for the Comicazi Halloween Party.
Gogo, Mia, & Thor-nofrio
AK and I missed out on the Comicazi Halloween Party last year, so we were stoked to join in on festivities this time around, and Comicazi did not disappoint. There was tons of pizza and candy, the drinks were cheap, and all of our local Somervillain friends looked amazing in their costumes.

After we all held hands and skipped/stumbled back to AK's apartment, we ordered Chinese food and collapsed into a fit of giggles and passed out. On Sunday, we got dressed in our Sunday best and made our journey to Salem to partake in witch stuff. We spent a while looking at non-spooky wares at Harrison's Comics, ventured into various magic shops, visited a graveyard once it got dark, and eavesdropped on townies. We also stumbled upon Boner Way.

We also met up with Samantha, who was kind enough to take a photo with us.

Outfit details:
bow: handmade/Betty Felon
black sheer glitter dress: Urban Outfitters
black lace dress: ASOS
black motorcycle jacket: Forever 21
pentagram necklace: one of the witch shops in Salem
Sailor Moon star locket necklace: CircleRed
gold crossbody satchel: H&M
striped tights: eBay
saddle shoes: Payless

It started to get really spooky/cold in Salem, so we headed back to AK's HQ for one last sleepover before Jasmine had to ride her broom back to Jersey on Monday morning. Anyway, here are the magic treasures that I acquired over that weekend:

"Disneyland for the Dead" t-shirt;
Batman HeroClix (c/o Frank @ Comicazi);
black cat keychain from a store where AK got a sick dragon pen;
 Scooby Doo candy cigarette from the Comicazi party;
two Licca-chan gashapon.


In other news, how is it already November? Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. Gogo is awesome! Any tips on cosplaying her?
    Salem seems awesome! I wish I could visit there.
    I liked your dark lipstick, can you tell me the brand and name? I am a huge fan of dark lipstick.
    Argaman ♕

    1. Gogo is a pretty easy cosplay to put together with found items - you can usually find a similar blazer, button-up shirt, and skirt at the thrift store. I didn't have enough time to make my bowtie for the party (since my costume was really last minute), but you can find a cheap bowtie on eBay. For the mace, I attached a few yards of chain (from the hardware store) to a spray-painted plastic ball & chain (from the costume shop).

      Salem is great - you should totally visit sometime!

      My lipstick is NYX in "Almost Black." It's a dupe of MAC's "Cyber."

      Thanks for the comment :)

    2. I'll also need a wig, our hairstyle is extreamly different. I love her! Me and my friends were thinking about trying to get in into our school with weapon replicas with fake blood on them (you can get into my school as long as you are in uniform and got your library card) to see what happens. I think going as gogo would be fitting! Thank you very much for the tips-especially about the mace. The little bow is my favorite part in her outfit, it make her "schoolgirl" outfit much cooler. But your cosplay was great anyway :D
      I wish I could visit. Alas, I live in a galaxy far far away (aka Israel) so it might be-well, problematic ;)
      Well now I see why I love it so much. I own "Cyber" and it is one of my favorite lipsticks. Glad to find a cheap dupe.
      Oh you are welcome! I like your blog and your tumblr :D
      Argaman ♕