Treasure Collection: Flicker Rings

Bat-manga Batman/Robin ring

I've been collecting treasures* ever since I was a tiny Felon. While my collection of watches and Kewpie dolls dominates much of my Internet presence, one of my resolutions this year is to document all of my other treasures. I figure that this may help me sort out all of my dumb piles of pretty things, while sharing them with the world.

My fascination with flicker rings started when I spotted a handful of vintage Green Hornet lenticular rings at a convention a few years ago. I've always loved the aesthetic of lenticular and holographic images and stickers from when I was a child, however, these Green Hornet rings were way out of my price range. My flicker ring collection officially started with a pair of vintage Robin and Batwoman rings that my boyfriend got for me at Boston Comic Con. Since then, I've accumulated a handful of choice rings (both vintage and modern) featuring some of my favorite characters and icons. Most of them were acquired from conventions and eBay, at around $4-10 each.

Check out my flicker ring collection after the cut!

Robin/Dick Grayson ring: gift from the Boyfriend Wonder
Batwoman/Kathy Kane ring: gift from the Boyfriend Wonder
Batman/Robin ring: eBay
Marvel Girl/Phoenix ring: eBay
Cyclops/Scott Summers ring: eBay
Spider-Man ring: San Diego Comic Con
Peter Parker/Mary Jane/Gwen Stacy ring: eBay
Mickey Mouse Club ring: eBay
Felix the Cat rings: Super MegaFest



  1. Such a rad collection. I don't think I've ever met anyone who collects the same rings. :) I love the Mary Jane one.

  2. Hello! Love your blog. This flicker ring is so cute and awesome. Coincidentally, I just watched the Dark KNight Rises an hour ago. What are the chances? :D


  3. lovelovelove these rings! ^___^ I love seeing your collection of superhero stuff. I remember some really neat gotham city themed stuff you shared on your tumblr! ^^