two thousand thirteen

One of my resolutions this year is to start updating my blog regularly, so I'm aiming to update this at least two times a month (baby steps) and to fix up the layout of this site. As I might've stated before, the convenience of Twitter and Tumblr has lead me to become lazy when it comes to ~long form blogging~, which became apparent once the holiday season hit. So I'm sorry, Blogspot. I'm sorry that I've left you out of my social media slumber party. Let's be friends again.

Speaking of resolutions, we welcomed the new year with movies, Disney on Ice, Chinese food, and a friendship-ending round of Personal Preference. Since I haven't gone to Disney on Ice since the Monsters Inc on Ice show in 2004 (and due to my terrible case of post-Disneyland depression since September), I dragged Andrew & AK to the balcony seats at TD Banknorth Garden for 100 Years of Magic.

Turns out that Disney on Ice was nothing like Disneyland. However, both Andrew and AK got panic attacks during the segment for It's A Small World, so it was totally worth it. I already got tickets for Disney on Ice: Rockin' Ever After for my Galentine's Day date with AK next month, so this is my life now.

Some other things that are my life right now:
  • Conventions - I'm trying to finalize my convention schedule by the end of this upcoming week. Since a lot of people have asked me how I prepare for conventions (in regards to cosplay, travel, and budgets), I'm planning to put together my own guide to convention nonsense soon.
  • Weddings - I was recently recruited to be a bridesmaid for J'ai's Tangled-theme wedding. I haven't stopped screaming because princesses.
  • Regular Show - I've never really given this show a chance until I listened to the fundraiser episode of the Gravity Falls Gossiper, and now I care about this show a lot. Hm!
  • Chirashi - I usually don't order chirashi at Japanese restaurants, however I'm addicted to the chirashi bowl at B Cafe in Quincy, and now I want to eat this right now.
  • Lord of the Rings x Black Milk Clothing - Remember how a year ago, I had never watched any of the Lord of the Rings movies, and then I watched all of them in one sitting and then I cared a lot and now I'm pretty much ready to drop a few hundred $$$ on Lord of the Rings spandex? Yeah.
Anyway, I'll talk to you later, book. To recap, Finn is the one who is hot. I'll see you in the next chapter. BUMPS.

P.S. I also got this really dope cape from Urban Outfitters on super-sale for $30, so now I'm ready for winter time vigilantism.

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