Convention Recap: Boston Comic Con 2013

Spotted at Jonathan Reincke's booth: Super Juniors Wonder Woman
Months after its postponement in April, Boston Comic Con took place at the Seaport World Trade Center last week (August 3-4) and drew in an outstanding crowd of excited convention attendees. After hitting up both ConnectiCon and San Diego Comic Con last month, we were already pretty burnt out from convention season, however we trekked out to one of our favorite local shows to check out the sights and meet up with our friends (many of whom were stationed in Artist Alley). We decided to take it easy and opt out of cosplaying for this convention, and now 2013 is shaping up to be the Year of Look, I’m Just Too Tired To Sew Things – I’m Going To Go Lie Down And Play Animal Crossing For A Few Hours.
At least my tiny mayoral self gets to cosplay this year.
Despite the larger exhibit hall space than last year’s convention, the turnout at the show exceeded expectations, with a rumored attendance of approximately 20,000 people the entire weekend. The lines for both purchasing badges and badge pick-up wrapped around the Seaport, and the crowds near the 501st’s Jabba the Hutt set up and the concession stands made it difficult to visit the dealers adjacent to these spots. Upon reflection, I don’t think we were even able to make a complete round through the entire floor due to the crowds.  

Clockwise from the upper left: Neil & Ming; Erica; Neil, Emmy & Randy; Randy & a tiny Ryu.

Fortunately, I ended up spending most of my time exploring the expanded Artist Alley. Boston Comic Con is often commended for their exceptional Artist Alley, featuring an impressive roster of both up-and-coming artists and notable names in the comics industry (such as Neal Adams, Mike Mignola, and George PĂ©rez). We visited many of our talented friends who were stationed in AA and I also had the pleasure of meeting/bothering some really great creators. Unfortunately, we didn’t end up attending any of the panels, since I didn’t get a copy of the Quick Guide (nor did I really feel like waiting in line this past weekend?), but we had a great time wandering around, hanging out with friends, meeting cosplayers (note: all of my cosplay photos can be viewed on ComicsAlliance), and buying tons of cute stuff (including a beautiful Hawkeye dress from Suckers Apparel, c/o Stephanie Cooke)~
All in all, Boston Comic Con was a fun time, and I look forward to seeing our growing hometown show at the Seaport WTC next August.

Check out the rest of my photos from Boston Comic Con (including photos of my massive haul) after the cut!

Ming as Jubilee
tiny robots at Jon's booth
Gina of Super Sox Shop!

Journal Comix Vol. 2 features a comic about my worst fear.
Stephanie! (decked out in an amazing Hawkeye dress by Suckers Apparel)
Lisa & me

~ * Boston Comic Con 2013 Haul * ~
Roller Girl and the Flying Sidekick, by Randall Trang
B9 Kingdom: Emmy Cicierega, by Emmy Cicierega
Gisnep, by Emmy Cicierega
Halloween Eve, by Amy Reeder & Brandon Montclare
Journal Comix Vol. 2, by Randall Trang
Diabetes Is After Your Dick!, by Cathy Leamy
Ode To Batman, by Kristilyn
I Have No Idea What I'm Doing
, by Kate BresnahanThe Art of Sara Richard, by Sara Richard

Catwoman & Queen Etherea/Dr. Girlfriend/Dr. Mrs. the Monarch prints, by Joe Quinones
Catwoman & Batgirl sketches, by Jonathan Reincke
Vintage Shoujo Batgirl print, by Kate BresnahanThe Harlequin print (SDCC variant), by Sara Richard
Batman '66 Kewpie prints & original Batgirl Kewpie painting, by Jonathan Reincke
Nightwing sketch ("I Recognize This Bow"), by Peter Vinton
Wonder Woman print, by Randall Trang
Jem print, by Tracy Lee Quinn
JL8 mini print set, by Yale Stewart
Batwoman sketch, by Amy Reeder
Kimber & Stormer sketch, by Jonathan Reincke
Chris Jericho sketch, by Randall Trang
Halloween Eve pins & magnets [Amy Reeder & Brandon Montclare]
Princess Bubblegum & Marceline pins [Ming Doyle]
Glycerine Queen & Roxy Roller pins [Kate]
Jiji pin [Kristilyn]
Sylveon pin
Spider-Woman magnet [free]

Chicken Dance postcard, Reese pin, & Parks & Recreation stickers, by Meg Zaremba
vintage Morticia Addams ring [Jonathan Reincke]
Kewpie doll [pre-convention purchase at Black Ink]
Sylveon pin [cryptovolans]
vintage Uhura(?) miniature [Jonathan Reincke]

Phew, that took forever. Now to find a place to put all of my new treasures...

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