small adventures: poor little rich girl & august moon festival

vintage disney shirt: modern boy, via ebay
After a month or so of traveling and busy weekends, I finally got to unwind and relax last weekend while AK was out of town. Since I’m currently transitioning between two residences on the opposite ends of the Red Line, I originally intended to pack up some of my belongings, copy my keys, or even buy the supplies to paint my room this color (note to self: ask the landlord if I'm even allowed to paint my room). Instead, I ended up sleeping in, catching up with my roommates, and playing Animal Crossing in between a couple of small adventures.

My other roommates and I ventured out to Poor Little Rich Girl in Inman Square, a lovely vintage shop that was formerly located in Davis Square. I didn’t end up coming home with anything old-new during this trip, but I touched some beautiful vintage dresses, tried some stuff on, put some stuff back, and treated myself and my roommates to ice cream at Christina’s. And then I went home and ordered a bunch of stuff from Forever 21 and passed out.

On Sunday, I met up with my parents at the August Moon Festival in Chinatown, who greeted me at the gate with a small paper bag full of eggettes. The streets were crowded with cluttered tables filled with undergarments, 9/11 memorial crystal paperweights, and buckets of baby turtles, however I did manage to find two Totoro key chains and a cute Doraemon watch for the grand total of $7. Also, one of the vendors informed that the Chinese name for Doraemon is “Ding Dong” and that my bow was “definitely Minnie Mouse’s bow.”
   After an early dinner at Chinatown CafĂ© and numerous moments of regret over not purchasing that Spider-Man phone, I went home and watched the fireworks* and wondered if I should pay for an extra month of rent at my current place just so that I don’t have to rush and pack and move all of my dumb guff during the upcoming weekends of August…

*in Animal Crossing


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    1. Thank you ♡ It's a little too big for me, but I'm still trying to figure out other ways to style a men's button-up shirt or if I should just resize it.

  2. Whattt we need to trade FC stat

    1. YES!!! Here's my friend code: 0619-3895-2465 ♡