2014 convention schedule

After some meticulous planning and budgeting (both money and vacation time), I finally mapped out our convention schedule for 2014. 
The most notable change to our schedule is that we will be swapping out our annual San Diego Comic Con trip for our first venture to HeroesCon (Charlotte, North Carolina) this year. Over the past four years, San Diego Comic Con has been our big annual convention/vacation trip, and although we’re bummed about skipping Comic Con and missing our West Coast friends this year, I’m really excited to finally check out HeroesCon. I’ve heard countless praise for this convention for years, and I’m looking forward to meeting some of my favorite creators, and covering a new con for ComicsAlliance. This will also be my first trip/vacation-type-thing with both AK and Jordan, so I’m really looking forward to scamping around Charlotte with people that I’m drift-compatible with. Also also also, I can’t wait to see Jessica again ♡

BONUS: After booking the flights and hotels yesterday, our expenses for HeroesCon (~$330/person for flight & hotel combined) are more friendly to our bank accounts than San Diego Comic Con (~$800+/person for flight & hotel combined), so like, now I can spend that money on more art/commissions and dumb cosplay stuff and biscuits from Bojangles.

Now that I have to budget my vacation time between Austin trips and conventions and lying around in bed, I have to be more selective with how I want to spend my free time. Although my convention schedule isn’t too drastically different this year, I feel like this convention season will feel more lax than last year’s, especially with a lighter cosplay schedule (though we’re pretty excited for the handful of costumes that we have planned so far~). Likewise, I’m making more of an effort to spend more time with friends during conventions and trips to NYC.

Anyway, what are some cool things to do in Charlotte? We’ll have a little bit of free time the day before HeroesCon, so I’d love to hear some recommendations for local sight-seeing or foodstuffs~


  1. I live there and I always find it hard to find new things to do. But maybe the epicentre updown? it has a few fun things to do and great places to eat!

  2. Hello, please also visit ME ME ME ME ME ME MEEEEEE