batty 4 u

Batgirl & Nightwing, by Jordan
Although Jordan and I weren't able to be in Austin/Boston/Baustin together on Valentine's Day, we were able to celebrate the holiday with a fancy Skype date, presents, and Valentine's Day-themed artwork (above). I am constantly in awe of Jordan's artwork, but this absolutely floored me - one of my favorite comics couple celebrating one of my favorite holidays, illustrated by one of my favorite artists/boyfriends*. To top it off, my care package from Jordan arrived safely last week and managed to avoid any of the snowstorms that were threatening to bury my presents in a dumb snow coffin.

Anyway, I wanted to share some of the treasures that Jordan gave me for Valentine's Day
Mondo Mask of the Phantasm poster (gold variant)
sterling silver Batman necklace
Bosozoku Sailor Mars & Sailor Venus print, by Babs Tarr
Jordan Gibson is too good to me, you guys. Thank you so much, Prince Anime - I love you~~~!



  1. I love that Sailor Mars & Sailor Venus print! Super cute!