chartreuse charm

03.08.14 outfit - chartreuse charm
black bow:
Betty Felon
chartreuse peter pan collar dress: OASAP
grey tights: Forever 21
black otk boots: Rainbow
lipstick: Revlon Lip Butter in "Wild Watermelon"
batman charm bracelet: vintage

Yesterday, I commemorated the temperature reaching a whole 50°F with a jaunt in Davis Square in my new chartreuse dress (from OASAP). Over the past few years, I've grown quite fond of this retro lemon-lime shade of green, as chartreuse has been slowly, but gradually invading my wardrobe. After I saw Darshana's stellar ensemble, I immediately ordered the Contrast Peter Pan Collar Dress in "mustard" (although it's definitely definitely definitely chartreuse in person), because I'm a dumb sucker for anything mod with a peter pan collar. The dress is also available in navy with a white peter pan collar, for those of you who want to channel a mod grown-up version of Madeline.

Although OASAP's sizes vary depending on the product and material (or the dreaded products that only come in "One Size," i.e. tiny bb doll sized), it's actually nice that each product has its own size listings (shoulders, length, bust, waist, & hips) in the product info so you can figure out if you have to size up or down. I got this particular design in a size L, which was comfortably snug and friendly to my curves. I'm considering seam-ripping the front breast pocket off the dress before I wear it again, as I feel that it kind of breaks away from the streamlined look of the dress.

On a related note, I really need to finish decorating my apartment and set up a proper outfit selfie station.

black & gold cropped sailor top: goodwill
heart-shaped bowls: goodwill
I spent the rest of the weekend thrifting, playing Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies, and relaxing in the wake of Daylight Savings Time. The Goodwill in Davis Square has been pretty good to me lately, with my latest haul consisting of a black cropped sailor top with gold detailing and pink heart-shaped bowls. I will probably replace the buttons on the top with prettier gold or black buttons, and I'm planning to use the heart bowls to store and display some of my rings and bracelets.

Spotted at Goodwill: The Only Band That Matters
In other news, I need to go see The Grand Budapest Hotel, figure out what to do with my dumb hair, and plan my next trip to Austin ASAP and save this amazing toy store.

Anyway, here are some photos of cute pastries I saw in Chinatown the other day.

Bao Bao Bakery


  1. So glad you're making blog posts more often now!! Looking forward to more :3 totally admire your style and all the neat things you buy~

    1. Thank you~ :D

      It took me a while to get back into the swing of blogging again, but I'm glad that people seem to be enjoying my inane posts ♡

  2. bebop! i've missed you!!!!! also loooove that chartreuse color, it's definitely been invading my life as well :)

    at this volume

  3. I love that Sailor jacket you picked up- I was gonna do a Lolita coord based around a Sailor jacket like that but I couldn't find one in time. Love your style! <3

    1. Thank you ♡ I'm brainstorming on some coordinate ideas for that top once the weather gets a bit warmer :)