F21 haul: Batman '66 sweatshirt, moto jacket, bow ring, sailor jupiter earrings, bow belt

With Anime Boston coming up this coming week, I've been pushing myself to finish off some things on my never-ending to-do list before the con. I got an early start on Spring Cleaning and began clearing out a lot of my belongings in the apartment, as well as purging my hard drives this past week. I got rid of 6+ inches of damaged split-ends from my coif, and now my 'do is bouncier and flippier and wonderful. I accumulated some key items on my wardrobe wishlist, including a Batman '66 sweatshirt and a new moto jacket (above). Anddd I finally satiated my craving for a root beer float yesterday. So many accomplishments!

As for Anime Boston, we're taking it easy this year with cosplay, since we're still waiting for our wigs to arrive for our Saturday costumes. Regardless, I'm pretty pumped to wander around the con with AK & J, take photos of cosplayers, and blow my money on cute anime shit. As much fun as I have at comic conventions, Anime Boston is a more carefree and casual ordeal than comic shows, which is a pleasant way to open up the convention season every year. Likewise, since I'm currently channeling my quarter-life crisis through my realized fever dream of being a Magical Girl, I just wanna buy cute mahou shoujo stuff and alpaca plushes. Plus, I can load up on a bunch of Street Passes! Hi these are the things that I'm really excited about nowadays.

Oh, how I've missed you, Davis Flea~

Aside from fixing my hair and getting ready for anime guff, I stopped by the Davis Flea at the Arts at Armory. I came home with a few treasures, and then I treated myself to a hearty dinner of fried catfish and biscuits at M3.

In other news, Jenyffer drew me in space, wearing that outfit I wore the other day ♡_

Anyway, here are some other recent photos of stuff or whatever~

03.10.14 outfit - super
black bow: Betty Felon
blue top:
Forever 21
yellow bow belt: ebay
red skirt: H&M
grey tights: Forever 21
saddle shoes: Payless

superman necklace (urban outfitters)
red heart ring (therp sajik) & "j" heart ring (epochbeads)

Disney EPs & a heart-shaped Atlantic Starr EP (Davis Flea)
tiny whale ring (I Want A Pony @ the Davis Flea)
a Captain Harlock shirt for Jordan~
Note to self: go back to Rainbow and get this purse.
Thanks, Freddy Foreshadowing.

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