☆ Wishlist [March 2014] ☆

Just a handful of things that I've been coveting lately~
  1. pinafore skirt
    I've been wanting a pinafore skirt for a while, but alas, all of the cheap ones on eBay only fit tiny bb dolls (and I'm still a giant pork bun, so). For now, I'll make do with wearing suspenders with my black circle skirt, but I've been eying this custom pinafore by Ananya (I'd probably get it shortened to a more flattering length).
  2. record player
    My old record player crapped out on me shortly after I got it (because I value aesthetics over quality), which I guess is why Crosley doesn't really sell them anymore, so I want to get one of their newer models that I've spotted at Urban Outfitters recently (because I still value aesthetics over quality).
  3. Wii Fit U
    Ever since the weather became an actual obstacle in terms of going to the gym (as well as the fact that our gym randomly switched management to some dicey operation that didn't notify its current members until after they were charged an extra $70+ fee?), we've been total sloths this Winter. So like, since I have that fancy Zelda Wii U and all, I should probably invest in this so that we can get back into vigilante shape.
  4. Sailor Moon gashapon compacts
    I didn't originally pre-order these for whatever reason (even though I preordered a bunch of other magical girl bullshit), but Rae has been sending me photos of the lines and sold-out gashapon machines for this set, so I started having Major Regrets. And then some of my friends started receiving their compacts this month and now I can't live without them, so I preordered two sets of them on J-List.
  5. Pastel Cutout Dress (OASAP)

    This dress is too sweet and precious and the perfect shade of aqua and my heart is weeping now.
  6. Tamagotchi Friends
    They just announced these at Toy Fair last month and I've already made a blood pact with my friends to commit ourselves to virtual motherhood once these are released. I've actually been pining over a Tamagotchi ID for a while now, but I was a bit apprehensive of dropping $75+ on a virtual egg baby, so the announcement of Tamagotchi Friends definitely got me HYPED. Plus look at them - those little bbs are wearing pixelated BOWS.
  7. flower crown
    as worn by my precious bb angel princess, Jessica
    lol I know, I'm so two-thousand-late on this, and they've been completely co-opted by tumblr fandom culture, but like, I still want one and I just need to get real and actually make one or whatever. They're obviously not that hard to make, but I'm just hella lazy and I just need to go buy some dumb fake flowers. Luckily, J'ai and I will be having a sleepover soon, so we'll probably make some flower crowns and watch Tangled.
  8. Moschino x Jeremy Scott french fries iPhone case
    Moschino + Jeremy Scott + my favorite food = French FryPhone Case.
    I can't wait to lurk eBay for a Chinese knockoff.
  9. Hanoi Weekend Sunglasses (CRAP Eyewear)

    These sunglasses combine my love for round mod frames and cat-eyed specs, but I still get weird about spending more than $15 for a pair of sunglasses. Perhaps it's finally time to treat myself in the sunglasses department?
  10. I Am Bee Apron Dress (WeLoveFine)
    Because, obvi.


  1. WHAT i need a sailor moon compact! also you NEED to get those sunglasses. treat yo self!

    at this volume

    1. Aren't they so ~magical~? I can't wait to get them in the mail ♡

      And I think I may order those specs once I clean out my accessories stash :3

  2. I totally feel you on porkbun status! But I am confident that together, we can win against our squishy bodies! I wanted to get the SM compacts, but I'm trying desperately to de-clutter my house at the same time, so it seemed counter productive. But Tamagotchi's are totally key chains, right!?

    1. Ugh, I totally feel the same way about clutter and stuff - I'm trying to prevent myself from accumulating too many things in my new apartment (and to clear out any clutter that I don't need) u___u I'm not sure if the new Tamagotchis are going to be on keychains, since the newer Tamagotchi models in Japan aren't on keychains anymore :-/

  3. Oh my gosh - that phone case!!! Gah. It's amazing. I really want a second record player for my room (I value aesthetics over quality, too).

    1. Right? I found some cheap knockoffs on eBay already, haha @__@;

      What kind of record player do you currently have? I think I may treat myself once I finish Spring Cleaning :D