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With the passing of April Fools’ Day this week, residual emotions have surfaced as I count the ways my life has changed over the past twelve months. Last year, April brought a lot of loss and stress, but with those anxieties, April turned out to be a month of self-reflection and change. Although things are infinitely better now, I still strive to improve myself and the things around me, especially now that I’ve finally emerged out of this Winter Slump.

With that said, I’m finally cataloging some of my old clothes and accessories that I will be putting up for sale on Facebook and Storenvy (in addition to donating clothes to Goodwill and Savers), so that I can get rid of some clutter and create some breathing room for the clothes that I’m actually wearing nowadays. Likewise, I’m considering getting a table in Artist Alley at Boston Comic Con with some friends and actually pushing myself to create more. Now that the streets aren’t covered in snow/ice/bullshit, I’m actually quite excited to walk around more and be more active and dabble in the life of an Outdoor Kid. I want to go traveling to see my friends and I want to spend more time with my camera. I want to perfect the art of creating princess curls in my hair and telling people like it is. I refuse to settle.

But first, I need to clean my room and sort through my clothes.

But first-first, here are some new treasures I've recently acquired (like some chump).

Halloween steez: tote & shoes (h&m), eyeball purse (rainbow)
tokyomilk perfume & stila eyeliner (sephora), raspberry red lip tint (h&m)
a fool (outfit details)

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