popcorn and princesses

Last Friday, I made an excursion to see Princess J'ai in New Hampshire for a weekend of Disney movies, flower crowns (as modeled by Anakin, above), and shopping. Since we've both been either really busy or immobilized by snowstorms, I hadn't seen J'ai since her wedding in October (which I will eventually get around to blogging about maybe?). Needless to say, our respective lives have gone through a fair amount of changes over the past several months, so it was really nice to catch up with her, Dan, and Quorra.

 J'ai, Disney bounding as Anna; purple popcorn

Inspired by Disney's Tangled Movie Night, we stocked up on silk flowers and purple candy melts on Saturday to whip up some flower crowns and purple popcorn while we watched Tangled and Frozen. As I've mentioned previously, I've been wanting to dabble in the art of flower crowns for a while; although I haven't had too much experience crafting with fake flowers, I had a lot of fun picking out flowers at Michael's with J'ai. J'ai's bouquet was comprised of purples and yellows, from which she created a beautiful Rapunzel-inspired flower crown. My bouquet of supplies had a lot of subdued pastels (primarily pinks and creams), and I ended up with plenty of leftover flowers to make more crowns and headbands~

On a side note, every time I see J'ai, I'm inspired to coordinate more Disney bound outfits. I put together a Briar Rose-themed outfit from some stuff in my closet for J'ai's bachelorette party last Fall, but I'd love to do a Rule 63 Prince Phillip ensemble. Have any of you worn Disney bound outfits? I'd love to see them!

Oh, and I also got two of these Pascal bowls on sale for $1 each at the Disney store

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