Convention Recap: Boston Comic Con 2014


Hi, it's September now, so here's a post about a thing that happened a month ago! On the weekend of August 8-10, we went to our hometown convention, Boston Comic Con. Ever since it's earlier incarnation as a small basement show in the Back Bay Events Center, I've been attending and covering this show annually as it's evolved over the last five years. This year, the event expanded to a three-day convention and took place at the Seaport World Trade Center.

Boston Comic Con QTs: Jordan & Joe; Maris; Babs; Erica & Ming

After pre-gaming the convention with One Direction at the Gilette Stadium on the eve of Boston Comic Con, we all crammed into a taxi and headed to the Seaport on Friday afternoon. I spent most of my convention time wandering the Artist Alley with AK and Nick, looking at vintage toys, and photographing some of Boston's exceptional cosplayers (all of my cosplay photos can be seen HERE). I also got bother all of my friends who were tabling and commission some beautiful artwork from Kate Bresnahan, Jonathan Reincke, and Kristilyn.

Magical Girl x Batgirl: Batman bow (handmade) / moto jacket (Forever 21) / Batman ring (eBay) / Oh Snap! shirt (Sarah Hiraki) / Batman '66 utility belt (Mattel) / pink pleated skirt (H&M) / grey tights (Urban Outfitters) / yellow boots (Dr. Martens)
Donna Troy:
gold bow (handmade) / star chain ear cuff (H&M) / red bodycon dress (H&M) / gold star pin/clip (Bonjour Honey) / gold bracelets (eBay) / heart chain belt (eBay) / gold crossbody purse (H&M) / black boots (Rainbow)

I didn't really get a chance to plan any new costumes per se, but I wore Batmangirl and I managed to put together a magical girl x Batgirl of Burnside look (featuring Sarah's Oh Snap! shirt) and a last-minute Donna Troy outfit. I've realized that Boston Comic Con has turned into a casual cosplay con for me, which is honestly more relaxing and fun. I do hope to put together at least one new costume within the next couple of months for New York Comic Con and/or Halloween.

Although we had a fun time at the show, the one major downside were the lengthy admission lines (for both prepaid and at-the-door admission) and the congested crowds. Since the location of the Seaport was more isolated than the Hynes Convention Center, the flow of the crowd was definitely more stagnant than Boston Comic Con 2011/2012 or Anime Boston. In efforts to relieve ourselves from the stuffy crowds on Saturday, we got some fresh air and Sangria at Rosa Mexicano across the street for a couple of hours (note to future self: I highly recommend that you do this again next year). So like, hey Boston Comic Con - move to a more suitable location or whatever!


Anyway, we sang Vengaboys at karaoke at some point and here are some photos of my friends and all the cute things I got~~~

Abby & Sara!

Amanda & Kate!

Neil & Ming!

Kate & Maris surprised me and Jordan by cosplaying as us! *o*




Mark & Jon!


The Happiest Kids At Boston Comic Con

AK ♡

Sailor Bethany & Wonder Bethany

Spotted at Boston Comic Con: Professor X soap

I got these little button covers.

I couldn't decide which selfie print to get from Joe SO I GOT THEM BOTH~~~

Captain America & some guy ♡




Catwoman commission, by Kate Bresnahan

Sailor Venus & Artemis commission, by Jonathan Reincke

Cat Eyed Boy commission, by Kristilyn

Batgirl print, by Babs Tarr

I Have No Idea What I'm Doing, by Kate Bresnahan & The Kate or Die Last-Minute Convention Mini!, by Kate Leth

Baby's First Mythos, by Erica Henderson

Batman '66 pins, by Jonathan Reincke

stickers (Tofu Squirrel) / Sailor Venus pin (Jonathan Reincke)
miniature gold robot clock / french fries transformer / Robin pencil topper / Darkwing / Scrooge (vintage via Mark)

Sayaka Yumi figure (some vintage anime booth)

Cutie Honey/Honey Kisaragi dolls (some vintage anime booth)

some presents from Jordan



  1. Your outfits are super cute! I'm loving all the photos!

  2. IT'S ABOUT TIME. All the photos are so nice <3

    I gotta do mine too D:

    1. It takes me forever to edit and do these recaps (even though I'm realizing that I kind of say the same thing in each of them???) ;;;;

      But yes, please post your recap~!