Here are a bunch of photos I took during our adventures this Summer. I didn't get to edit all of them until now, so here are approximately 100 photos from over the past few months.

Come relive the Summer with me~

(photo: Kevin)

(photo: Kevin)

07.02.14 outfit : summertime office looks
black bow (Betty Felon) / navy polo dress (le tigre) / red circle skirt (h&m) / red maryjanes (urban outfitters) /
cat eye glasses
(derek cardigan via Coastal)

Oh hey, I'm a reporter in Daredevil #2~ Thanks Chris Samnee!

07.23.14 outfit : batman day
batman bow (Betty Felon) / peter pan collar peplum top (forever 21) / batman skirt (forever 21) /
black & gold flats (h&m) / cat eye glasses (derek cardigan via Coastal) / batman charm bracelets (vintage)

Zambi drew me

07.26.14 outfit : martian babe
black bow (Betty Felon) / martian babe shirt (Magic Circle) / black shorts (forever 21) /
studded saddle shoes (
forever 21) / eye purse (rainbow)

Maris drew this little doodle of me :3

08.02.14 outfit : batgirl of somerville
black bow (Betty Felon) / black peter pan collar dress (oasap) / black knee socks (forever 21) /
yellow combat boots (dr. martens) / batman backpack (hot topic)

08.05.14 outfit : I’ve Told Every Little Star

black bow (Betty Felon) / plaid dress (hell bunny) / star locket necklace (ebay) / gold bow belt (urban outfitters) /
black studded flats
(h&m) / cat eye glasses (derek cardigan via Coastal)

I drew a tiny post-it portrait of Jordan

08.24.14 outfit : cherry bomb

black bow (Betty Felon) / the clash shirt (h&m) / red skirt (h&m) / black moto jacket (forever 21 via buffalo exchange) /
black tights (target) / black studded ankle boots (wet seal) / the vixens tote bag (steph buscema)

08.30.14 outfit : fight evil / win love
black bow (Betty Felon) / sailor dress (some random korean label) / cat purse (ebay) / mood ring (party city) /
pretty girl sailor moon wrist communicator
(vintage) / red bow mary janes (bodyline) / moon stick (crunchy roll)

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  1. That looks like a lot of fun:D And I love those shoes, wow!
    Also, how cool to see your doppelgänger in a comic!