f/w 2014/2015

heyyy, I finally got around to editing a bunch of photos from fall/winter 2014-2015 thus far.

some highlights:
  • We made flower crowns and went to King Richard's Faire.
  • I finally went to MICE for the first time.
  • Katie Skelly and I collaborated on a style post inspired by Operation Margarine.
  • Jordan moved in~~~
  • Jordan and I dressed up as Kiki and Tombo and went on a day trip to Salem.
  • Jordan and I celebrated our first anniversary
  • We celebrated Halloween at the Comicazi Halloween party and at Ming's spooky birthday party.
  • I showed up in Batgirl and Squirrel Girl!
  • I cleaned out a lot of my belongings.
  • We went to Kaiju Big Battel's 20th anniversary show.
  • I couldn't decide whether I should go to my high school reunion or Shake Shack. So I did both.
  • I met Chris Evans.
  • We went to the Hub Comics Batman show
  • We went to the Yule Ball.
  • We rang in the new year by throwing a karaoke party
  • I wore a lot of qt outfits.

king richard's faire

large meats / tiny drinks

10.04.14 outfit
black rose crown: handmade / cream peter pan collared top: urban outfitters / floral lolita skirt: bodyline (a gift from jessica ♡) / black tights: uniqlo / black multi-strap flats: a gift from erica ♡ / black purse: urban outfitters / grey hooded babydoll jacket: h&m

MICE haul

Catwoman commission from Emily Carroll

The Crow commission, by Kate Bresnahan

The Crow commission, by Amanda Boucher

10.05.14 outfit : BON-BONblack bow: Betty Felon / black moto jacket: forever 21 via buffalo exchange / BON-BON tee: katie skelly x seibei
black shorts: forever 21 / black tights: uniqlo / black multi-strap cage shoes: gift from erica

artwork by Katie Skelly

batgirl in progress

Barbara invited me to her housewarming party in Batgirl #35

fave fashion accessory

10.15.14 outfit : I know a girl who works in an office.
black bow: Betty Felon / black sailor collar top: OASAP / black cardigan: insight / green bodycon skirt: forever 21 /
black tights:
uniqlo / gold oxfords: dr. martens / browline glasses: derek cardigan (via Coastal)

10.24.14 outfit : the shining
black bow: Betty Felon / apollo 11 sweater: OASAP / peter pan collared top: forever 21 / black skirt: forever 21 /
black tights:
uniqlo / batgirl boots: dr. martens

kiki & tombo

bat-cookies from Jordan's mom :3

a new jewel from Jordan

Jordan and I exchanged anniversary presents - I gave him an Amazoness (by Veronica Fish) and he gave me a mod Sailor Venus (by Kevin Wada)

mod Minako Aino & Artemis, by Kevin Wada

subtle Halloween look inspired by The Crow

Phantasm for Halloween

Jordan as Batman

October souvenirs

little doodle by Veronica Fish

prince valentino

prince jordan

the crown jewel of my flicker ring collection

special delivery from Katie Skelly

Kaiju Big Battel

11.23.14 outfit : 👽👽👽
black bow: Betty Felon / black cape: OASAP / grey moto denim jacket: h&m / lum pin: vintage / 
martian babe shirt: Magic Circleblack skirt: forever 21 / petticoat: bodyline / grey tights: urban outfitters /
black ankle boots: h&m / mood ring: party city / cat eye glasses: derek cardigan (via Coastal)

11.24.14 outfit : 🍏🍏🍏
black bow: Betty Felon / peplum top: forever 21 / mask of the phantasm locket: homemade / chartreuse skirt:forever 21
mood ring: party city / grey tights: forever 21 / gold oxfords: dr. martens

presents from Risse

11.26.14 outfit : over the garden wall
red bow: Betty Felon / navy cloak: urban outfitters / peter pan collared blouse: oasap / blue bird pin: vintage /
black suspenders: dorothy’s boutique / grey pants: uniqlo / black boots: h&m

jordo & the mo

12.01.14 outfit : 💌 💌 💌
black bow: Betty Felon / red bow sweater: forever 21 / navy corduroy skirt: urban outfitters / grey tights: urban outfitters
white boots: goodwill / gold star & heart midi ring: urban outfitters / gold heart watch: vintage

12.03.14 outfit :
black bow: Betty Felon / green dress: modcloth / mask of the phantasm locket: handmade / grey tights: forever 21
hooded coat: h&m / black combat boots: h&m / black purse: urban outfitters / browline glasses: derek cardigan (via Coastal)

12.05.14 outfit :
black bow: Betty Felon / daisy sweater: forever 21 via goodwill / hexagon ring: urban outfitters / grey tights: uniqlo
black combat boots: h&m / browline glasses: derek cardigan (via Coastal)

gotham city bracelet from noir jewelry

I colored some of Jordan's warm-up doodles~

Took a photo with a 1:1 scale Captain America Hot Toy last month~

Solo, by Hope Larson

BTAS record, by MONDO

Iron Giant pin

some of my fave pieces at Hub Comics' Batman show

Batgirl of Burnside statue, by Jesse Farrell

~christmas presents~

christmas greetings from these dummies

a special delivery from sarah

AK gave me a set of aya takano tarot cards for christmas

new & vintage additions to my sailor moon treasure pile

finally got the entire set of my fave manga series and a new heart purse

Jordan and I popped up in Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 :3

Do you remember the time I knew a Girl From Mars?

01.11.15 outfit : be my baby
black bow: Betty Felon / catwoman sweater: forever 21 / plaid dress: hell bunny / grey tights: uniqlo
black otk socks: uniqlo / black combat boots: h&m / be my baby heart purse: ebay

Spoiler alert: Barbara Gordon dumps that dude and ran off with me instead.

01.17.15 outfit : holy flypaper
black bow: Betty Felon / batman ‘66 top: forever 21 / peter pan collared top: forever 21
black high-waisted shorts:
forever 21 / grey tights: h&m / yellow combat boots: dr. martens / gold batman ring: vintage

01.18.15 outfit : sugar sugar
black bow: Betty Felon / grey acid wash moto jacket: h&m / archie shirt: archie comics / red skirt: h&m
grey tights: uniqlo / black combat boots: h&m / be my baby heart purse: ebay

steak & eggs d8

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