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After closing out 2014 with karaoke with some of my best friends and opening the new year with 12+ hours of sleep, I'm pretty pumped about 2015. 2014 was fun and all, but I definitely procrastinated on a lot of things - I didn't really motivate myself to make some major changes until the later half of the year. I'm determined to make the most of this year and myself, so here are some things I hope to accomplish this year.

  1. Do more.
    • cook more: I want to get better at cooking and I want to stop ordering takeout every other night.
    • create more: I'm pushing myself to draw as often as I can, and I really want to do more creative writing. I also have a fun idea for a comic that I've been wanting to flesh out. I want to sew more and create a new dress and a new utility belt.
    • take more instax photos: I thought that I would've had more Instax photos by the end of 2014, so I would love to take at least 60 exposures this year.
    • more outfit photos: documenting my outfits at least a few times a week will push me to coordinate my clothes in new/different ways. I want to try to wear every item of clothing in my wardrobe at least once, and I think this will push me to utilize my entire wardrobe, instead of rotating through my ten favorite dresses.
    • move more: although I pretty much walk everywhere already, I want to try yoga, lifting weights, and more cardio. I canceled my gym membership last year because the monthly fees weren't worth it, but I think I may invest in a WiiU Fit.
    • save more: although I shop a lot, I'm pretty frugal with my purchases and I never spend beyond my means. Regardless, I'd love to reach my next savings goal. I want to spend less money on ordering takeout and put all of my ComicsAlliance paycheques into my savings.
    • blog more: I want to get in the habit of updating at least once a week. My goal is to have at least fifty-two entries by the end of 2015.
  2. Switch from shampoo & conditioner to a "no-poo" regimen Last year, I switched to sulfate-free shampoo and my hair definitely feels less damaged than it was earlier in the year, so I'm curious to see how my locks will look and feel with this new routine.
  3. Clean and declutter frequently
    I've been on a big cleaning binge since this past Fall, and I'm still itching to purge more of my wardrobe and belongings. Clutter tends to accumulate quickly in my room, and ever since Jordan moved in, I crave organized space for both of our stuff. I got rid of 9+ bags of clothing (most of which were adopted by friends, sold to Buffalo Exchange, and donated), and I still have a few bags of stuff to put up for sale on Storenvy and I still have a long way to go. I have boxes and boxes of craft supplies and fabric stocked up for a never-ending list of projects, so I'm going to push myself to actually turn my stuff into new treasures or destash my unused supplies. Likewise, I want to be more selective and mindful of clutter with every aspect in my life - I want to clear my social life, my social media feeds, and my mind of indulgent toxicity and mundane obligations. TAKING OUT THE TRASH 2015 LET'S DO THIS
  4. Learn how to read tarot cards and runes
    I got a beautiful set of tarot cards from AK and a set of runes a couple years ago in Salem, so I'm going to dabble in teen witch stuff and learn how to do readings with both sets.
  5. Be Wonder Woman
    Well, yeah.
  1. Conventions: Anime Boston (April 3-5), TCAF (May 9-10), MeCAF (May 17), HeroesCon (June 19-21), Special Edition NYC, Boston Comic Con (July 31-Aug. 2), MICE, New York Comic Con (Oct 8-11), Super MegaFest (Nov. 21-22)
  2. Austin - I haven't gone to Austin since November 2013, but Jordan and I will probably go back within the next couple of months. I can't wait~!
  3. California trip (LA & San Francisco)
  4. more trips to New York
  5. Funspot
  6. Japan Summer Festival (Mitsuwa, New Jersey)
  7. Six Flags
  8. more karaoke nights
  9. beach trips
  10. Museums: planetarium, mapparium, cryptozoology museum, ica, mfa, moma, museum of natural history
After getting rid of a ton of stuff and learning to be Okay With Getting Rid Of Things That I Don't Need, I want to invest in higher quality items instead of cheaper items that won't get as much mileage. Here are some of the things that I want to invest in for 2015 - if any of you have any leads on any of these items, drop me a line~
  1. A durable pair of saddle shoes: I usually get my saddle shoes from payless, but they wear down so quickly whenever I wear them (they usually last me 3-4 months max?). I'd love to invest in a new pair that's more durable and higher quality.
  2. Yellow/mustard circle skirt: I recently got rid of my yellow pencil skirt from Forever 21 because it would easily wrinkle, so I want to replenish my wardrobe with a higher-quality medium weight mini circle skirt in yellow or mustard.
  3. Bras that actually fit: I read this guide to proper bra fit and measuring and I'm definitely wearing the wrong size right now. 2015 is the year for better undergarments~
  4. New computer: my macbook is about six years old now and I really need a new computer. I was thinking of getting a Macbook Air or a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - any insight would be welcomed.
  5. A new pair of glasses: I really love this pair from BonLook
  6. Lash extensions
  7. Batgirl cowl
  8. Leather moto jacket: I currently alternate between two faux leather jackets from Forever 21 and they're cute, but the synthetic material wears off quickly. I've been wanting a proper black leather punk jacket ever since I was a teen and maybe I can finally indulge before I turn 30. Edit: I'm trying to decide between these two Straight To Hell jackets: Commando vs. Defector
  9. New bed frame and a bed: because I'm still sleeping on a futon, y'all.
  10. At least one tattoo. It's time.

Anyway, here's a photo of me and Jordan after five hours of NYE karaoke


  1. Haha woah. Your list pretty much mirrors a lot of my plans for the new year! Good luck and kick ass!

  2. It's so fun to see other people's resolutions!
    I'm working on decluttering life and saving more this year too!

  3. A way to kill two birds with one stone in resolutions: post some of the things you have cooked and recipies on your blog once a week. :)
    I am also working on decluttering life as well. Difficult!

    1. That's a really great idea! I just have to remember to take photos of my food before I stuff it in my face @____@