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hi Lauren hiiii~

After suffering from a slight case of cabin fever due to the weekly snowstorms in Somerville, I trekked down to New York for a weekend getaway in a slightly less snowy environment. Between holidays and just being busy, I hadn't had a chance to go to NYC since New York Comic Con last October, so it was nice to get a chance to do a little shopping and catch up with some of my friends even if it was a rather last-minute trip. On Saturday, we hit up Kinokuniya (where I dropped a pretty penny on kewpies, pens, and Japanese fashion magazines), St. Mark's for dinner at Oh! Taisho, and the Sidewalk Cafe to check out Giovanni's band, Duckspeak. Since I had to catch an early bus back to Boston due to the blizzard warnings (no no no nooo), Lauren, Caitie and I grabbed a quick brunch at Sugar and Plumm, and I stopped by La Maison Du Macaron to pick up some macarons for Jordan before racing over to Canal Street. Anyway, now I'm back home and I've been snowed in from work for two days and Boston is gonna be a winter wasteland forever and I can't wait to go back to New York.

On a side note, I'm starting to realize that my NYC trips are harder to plan nowadays, while trying to fit all the things I want to do and all the people I want to see within the span of 1.5 days, but I'm really hoping to travel to the big city more often this year (preferably when it's at least 20 degrees warmer). Regardless, I can't wait for more NY adventures this year~~~

Batgirls of Burnside

gimme dat d

spotted at kinokuniya: kewpie display *o*

v into this logo for ribon mascot comics


Nick & his main man

o hi :3

hi Giovanni hiiiii

hi friends hiiiii
[Lauren, Andrew, Kristin, Giovanni]

spiked iced coffee @ sugar and plumm

chicken & waffles @ sugar and plumm

macarons from la maison du macaron

japanese fashion magazines featuring some of my favorite things: valentine's day & 1D

new tsum tsums :3

new sonny angel kewpies [from kinokuniya)

kewpies dressed up as kamen rider & luke perry [from space kiddets]

Also, Lauren & I got friendship-Crows.

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