japan festival boston 2015


This past Sunday, Jordan and I adorned ourselves with Kamen Rider masks and headed to Boston Common to check out this year's Japan Festival. Although we arrived mid-afternoon (the event went from 10 am - 5 pm), we still got to enjoy a lot of the festivities, including musical performances, a cosplay event, a really cute dance troupe from Showa Boston. Unfortunately, we didn't get to sample any of the food (due to super-long lines that were allegedly even longer earlier in the day), but I was delighted to find out that there will be a new Beard Papa location in Boston (after the Quincy Market location closed down several years ago). Though this festival wasn't quite up to par with the Japanese Summer Festival at Mitsuwa, we had a really fun time - we ran into a few friends and even got a chance to check out the neighboring Greek Festival (where we got gyros in, like, five minutes). Anyway, I really look forward to checking out next year's event~!

swapped out my bow for a kamen rider mask~

a style guide for masks


Liz & Benn!


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