castles & mini dresses

Jordan and I spent our Memorial Day weekend seeing friends, going to a castle in Gloucester, and binge-watching Kamen Rider Fourze. Some of Jordan's friends came up for the weekend to visit, and we all got drinks and saw Mini Dresses perform at an event for Boston Calling. We also got a chance to check out Aeronaut briefly, which is a brewery tucked away in a side street near Market Basket - I realize that I'm whatever about specialty/independently brewed beers, but I'm jonesing to go back and play Dr. Mario on the projector screen. Anyway, I had a really fun time meeting Jordan's childhood friends, and I really look forward to going back to Austin sometime this summer.

Mini Dresses
On Sunday, we hopped on the Commuter Rail and ventured out to Gloucester to visit Kate, whom we hadn't seen in about a month??? I've never been to Gloucester outside of family dinners at Causeway, so it was nice to get a proper tour from a residential Gloucesterian. Kate brought us to the Hammond Castle, which is a beautiful medieval castle from ye olde 1920's designed and owned by inventor John Hays Hammond, Jr. We only had a limited time in the castle since it was closing early for a wedding, but luckily, we were able to wander around the entire castle grounds and take a ton of photos. We also got a chance to check out some cute shops in downtown Gloucester, eat a bunch of fried seafood, and go to the beach at sunset. Conclusively, Gloucester is great and I can't wait to go back~~~! 

cool kigurumi

tourists [photo by Kate]

souvenirs from Gloucester: Batdance (Mystery Records) & a new kewpie (from Kate)

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