a weekend in jersey/japan


This past weekend, AK & I trekked down to New Jersey to reunite with Niko and to head to the Japan Festival at Mitsuwa. Since last year's festival was such a blast (and since we really really really missed Niko), we had been looking forward to this trip all Summer. This year, we braved the heat and got to the festival a little earlier than usual - we got to purchase some masks (I got Fourze & V3), go toy-fishing (I won three Kewpies and some bouncy balls), and snack on some okonomiyaki before the lines/crowds got too crazy. Jasmine, Tommy, and Tommy's brother, who made the trip down from NYC for the afternoon and joined us in the festivities and in the purikura booth. And then we all went home because it was like 95°F out and we forgot to put on sunscreen.

Anyway, here are a bunch of photos:


my humble winnings

kewpie-flavored baby food

V3 & Fourze

hanafuda cards, doraemon blind box, dokinchan pin, miniature licca-chan doll, fuchiko gachapon, ice cream toy ring




We express hip hop with the above words!

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