convention recap: special edition nyc 2015

everybody wants to be a cat~

Hi, I know it's almost the end of August, but here's a post about things that happened two months ago. Jordan and I made the trip to NYC during the first weekend of June for Lauren's birthday and for Special Edition: NYC at Pier 94. Last year's show was pretty great, so I was excited to check out this year's show, especially since Jordan was tabling with the Somervillains. However, before we went into convention mode, we set aside an extra day to walk around the city and hang out with friends~

Since I hadn't visited New York since February, I was really excited to return back to the city, especially with Jordan (who hadn't been back to the city since New York Comic Con 2013!). We spent the day wandering around, and we tracked down the Royal Tenenbaums house and the Ghostbusters firehouse. We ended up parting ways after hitting up Kinokuniya so that Lauren could go to Hedwig, so that Jordan could go to dinner with friends, and so that I could meet up with Jasmine and check out the Life of Cats exhibit at the Japan Society and check out the Hello Kitty time capsule. We eventually found ourselves at the three-story Olive Garden in Times Square because I had never been to an Olive Garden.

We all finally reconvened and returned back to Lauren's to crash before convention times. Lauren and I took it easy and arrived a little later to Pier 94, which turned out to be a pretty dank and humid venue for Special Edition NYC. Regardless, we had a lot of fun meeting up with friends, walking through the artist alley, and I got a chance to get a couple of commissions from Annie Wu and Stacey Lee Phillips. I also took some cosplay photos for ComicsAlliance and at one point we drank beers and then we went to the How I Met Your Mother bar (pfft).

Anyway, here are a bunch of photos I took at the con and from the rest of the weekend~~~

SOMERVILLAINS~~~! Jordan, Ming, & Neil!

Jojo & Jorbo

me, Lauren, & Paigey

Annie Wu!

Arielle Jovellanos!



this crystal burger was so large and so expensive

~modern romance~

Catsy commission, by Stacey Lee Phillips

Dr. Mrs. the Monarch commission, by Annie Wu

Lum, by Arielle Jovellanos; Utility Kit bag, by Ming Doyle; Batgirl & Spider-Gwen selfie, by Chrissie Zullo
spotted at kinokuniya: a lot of fourze books

fourze stickers *o*

Check out this cool children's book I got~

Lauren and her bae


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