beauty review: truly outrageous lipstick [sephora x jem collection]

Truly Outrageous lipstick, by Jem x Sephora

Before Sailor Moon and Teen Witch, Jem and the Holograms was my gateway to magical girls, lovable villains, and 80's fashion. I spent a good chunk of my college experience rewatching and critiquing the entire series for a thesis paper about the feminist aspects of the show (or, as I called it, Jeminism). Nowadays, I get to share my Jem and the Holograms DVD box set with my friends, write about Jem on ComicsAlliance, and contemplate if and when we're going to see the Jem movie (which just dropped this week).

Although I'm trying my best to avoid making rash judgments about this movie before I see it (despite my fair share of tweets critiquing the trailer), I was pretty hyped for the Sephora x Jem collaboration, a truly outrageous capsule collection that includes an iridescent pink lipstick, a vibrant eyeshadow palette, a liquid lipstick set, and a compact mirror in the style of a gold record. Since I'm a sucker for makeup collections inspired by fictional characters, I purchased the Truly Outrageous lipstick last week and I adore it so much that I decided to do my first beauty review post!
Product description [link]:
A limited-edition, iridescent florescent pink lipstick inspired by the truly bold and outrageous JEM herself.

This creamy formula glides easily onto lips, leaving them with a bright pop of pink that is reminiscent of the iconic '80s pop look. The formula helps to hydrate lips, and the limited-edition packaging features the signature JEM lightning bolt. 
The lipstick is encased in hot pink packaging with holographic lightning bolt detailing, with a little JEM logo on the top of the tube. The color is a vibrant blue-toned pink with a violet-toned iridescent sheen, creating a pseudo-holographic pink shade. Nowadays, I tend to lean more towards coral pinks and reds, but this shade of Truly Outrageous pink is an incredibly wearable color that actually reminds me of MAC's Pink Poodle and actually seems more like a shade that The Misfits would wear? Which like, is a total plus for me because The Misfits are better. Anyway, the creamy formula is smooth and moisturizing and wears really well; although not a long-lasting formula, the color does leave a pink stain on the lips after several hours of wear.
Here are some blurry swatches taken by the vanity lights in my bathroom!!!