convention recap: boston comic con 2015

Ming & I are magical girls
In which, I've finally finished editing some photos from Boston Comic Con 2015. Almost all of my friends were tabling this year, so I spent most of the convention hanging out at their tables and wandering around in search of convention treasures. Despite the sweaty crowds of convention attendees in the mid-Summer, we all managed to have a fun and p chill time at the show~

Here are some quick highlights of the con:
  • Lauren & Patt visited for the weekend, and I got to treat them to vegan cuisine at Veggie Galaxy and Flatbreads. I'm so happy that I've gotten to spend so much time with Lauren and Patt this year :3
  • Snapped some cosplay photos for ComicsAlliance.
  • Karaoke! We threw another karaoke party at Limelight Studios, which is a really nice karaoke venue, but the song catalog is so lacking. I really wish that there were more karaoke places in the Cambridge/Somerville area.
  • I picked up some beautiful commissions and sketches, including a love-struck Donald Duck from Don Rosa, a Donna Troy from Jonathan Reincke, a Shampoo from Babs Tarr, a Batgirl from Michael Cho, and a sassy Hellboy from Stephen Green.
  • My convention haul was significantly lighter this year than previous years, but I did pick up a couple bags of Li'l Gotham mini figure blind bags and a few Kamen Rider Fourze blind boxes.
  • Jordan & Joe met Peggy Carter!
  • so many prayer hands~
convention flare: Batgirl & Betty/Jordan pins by Kate Bresnahan & a pin of me as a Digimon Trainer by Amanda Boucher!
Anyway, click the jump for a bunch of photos of my qt friends and my convention haul or whatever 

~prayer hands~

joe-joe prayer hands

Ming & Neil

Donna Troy commission, by Jonathan Reincke

AK got us matching Bella Twins glasses

Pizza Patt prayer hands

~kiss from a rose~

[photo: kevin church]

Lauren & Kate

Donald Duck sketch, by Don Rosa

hi Benn!

lunch with Bethany & Babs

Shampoo sketch, by Babs Tarr

[photo: Lauren]

left shark!

Batgirl sketch, by Michael Cho

cool guys being cool

fourze toys!

Hellboy sketch, by Stephen Green

Li'l Gotham mini figure blind bags *o*

p.s. idk why it took me forever to edit, like, 20 photos lol~~~

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