convention recap: new york comic con 2015

me & dick

Last month, we went to New York Comic Con and I picked up a limited edition con-exclusive souvenir cold~ Since I still had to work at the convention, I spent most of the weekend medicated and quarantined behind Jordan & Joe’s table and nursing myself with tons of water and Taco Bell x KFC. Honestly, I think this was just my body keeping me from overexerting myself as I tend to do during bigger conventions; despite my stuffed sinuses, it felt pretty good to do New York Comic Con with a daily dose of 8+ hours of sleep and abstaining from alcohol and parties (during an average convention, I have a tendency to lose my voice by Saturday due to exhaustion, alcohol, and talking/screaming).

Anyway, I had a really nice weekend and I’m really grateful for those of you who came by Jordan’s table to bring me water and tissues :3 Here are some highlights from the weekend:
  • Jordan and I took a bus to New York on Wednesday night and stayed at Lauren’s for the weekend. Much thanks to Lauren, Alex, Caitie, and Chicken for letting us crash in your living room!
  • Since I was under the weather, I hung up my Catwoman costume and opted for comfy outfits instead, including my new cape dress. I’ve also upgraded my makeup routine to include some products that are more durable for all-day wear (a major plus for conventions). However, upon editing all of my photos, I realized how sick and exhausted I looked all weekend, oh well~
  • We celebrated Darshana’s birthday all weekend~! Darshana and I had been friends on LiveJournal several years ago, and we ended up meeting IRL through Lauren shortly after I met Lauren off of Tumblr. Anyway, we had a weekend-long girly sleepover. Internet Friends 4 Ever~~~
  • I got a new sketchbook, and I broke it in with a few new commissions, including a glittery babely Zatanna by Genevieve FT, a hunky disco Nightwing by Yasmin Liang, and a sexy Fujiko by Arielle Jovellanos. I didn’t have time to get a commission from Jiji or any of the California Mean Girls this time around, but I’m sure I’ll see my fave convention qts sometime soon :3
  • I didn’t get to take as many photos this year, but I did manage to photograph some amazing cosplayers for ComicsAlliance (my galleries are here and here). Speaking of photography, I want to invest in a new camera because I’m not crazy about my Nikon L120 – the quality of my shots with my Nikon are comparable to photos I’ve taken with my iPhone 5, which deters me from wanting to lug around this inconvenience of a camera on trips and adventures. I don’t know if maybe I just need to practice shooting with it more, but also, I’ve been using this camera for at least a few years. If any of you have any tips or camera recommendations, please hit me up~!
  • Did I ever post a convention recap of New York Comic Con 2014? Is it too late to post a recap of a convention that happened a year ago???
ANYWAY here are a bunch of photos from NYCC~~~!


Lisa & my new MimoPowerTube~!

Jordan & Joe!

tiny Max Fischer pin from Spoke Art Gallery



cool shirts, guys
~nycc qt crew~

Zatanna commission, by Genevieve FT

Discowing commission, by Yasmin Liang



Metropolis Kid

Jiji showed me a sketch she was working on for one of her inktober pieces

cool erasers, Joe!!!

🙏 Patt 🙏


Kate Bishop pin [by Annie Wu], #selfie badge [by Janet Sung], sparkly Dragon Ball pin [by Jiji]

Jordan & Mecha-Batman

Chicken made a new friend.

Happy birthday, Darshana!

my friends look so babely, and i look so exhausted~~~

Fujiko commission, by Arielle Jovellanos

I finally got a flight ring

Team JorJoe, hard at work.


  1. Being sick at a con would really suck! :\ I always enjoy seeing your con photos, though! And that cape dress is so amazing. <3__<3 (Also I'm really excited about the DC Superhero Girls dolls haha)

    1. Yeah, it totally sucked - that was my first time being sick during a convention too ;;; And thank you <3

      Also, I totally thought of you when I saw the DC Superhero Girls display - the dolls look really cute in person :D

    2. Fingers crossed it doesn't happen again, then! x

      Hehe,awesome :D I'm so glad to hear they're cute in person!