special delivery from osaka

treasure pile~

A couple months ago, I got a special delivery from my friend Rae, who currently resides in Osaka. Rae and I have been close friends ever since we met in Japanese classes at UMass, and she's been putting her education to use over the past several years in Japan (meanwhile, I still opt for dubs over subs because I barely retained any of my limited Japanese language skills). As much as I miss seeing one of my best friends more than once a year, I'm in absolute awe of the fact that Rae was able to follow through on her dream of living in Japan and dabbling in the world of fashion and modeling and education. Although we've technically spent the majority of our friendship across the world from each other, we're still able to keep in touch and go online window-shopping together as often as we did as when we were during school breaks.

I can't wait to properly reunite with Rae in Osaka and go on a shopping spree, but until then, I'm forever grateful to have my own personal shopper in Japan (especially one who fully understands my aesthetics) ♡ 

Check out these beautiful treasures that she sent to me recently~

Samatha Vega x Sailor Moon Luna purse
Sailor Moon train pass holder
qt puffy stickers~
a pin by one of my favorite artists, Asami Matsumura
gashapon qts
magical girl gashapons
sailor bbs
important office supplies

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