ridin' through texas

the cover of our debut ep
Last week, Jordan and I hopped a plane to his hometown of Austin, Texas for a mini-vacation. Since almost all of our trips are convention-based (such was the case during my first trip to Austin two years ago), it was nice to experience the city outside of a convention center this time around. Plus, I finally got a chance to hang out with Jordan's friends and celebrate the holidays early with his family and bb dogs.

The weather was absolutely perfect during our visit (65°F everyday, aka Leather Jacket Weather), and I've concluded that I really have to stop traveling during heat waves (i.e. all of our other trips this year lol). We spent most of the weekend driving around Austin and checking out cute shops during the day, and we managed to schedule in karaoke, bar-hopping, dancing at Barbarella's, parties, family dinners, AND an arcade within our evening plans. We weren't able to see all of our friends or do everything that we wanted to, but we had such a stellar time and I really can't wait to go back (by Austin Comic Con 2016, at the very latest, but hopefully sooner~!).

Anyway, here are a bunch of photos from our trip~!

i've missed you so much, whataburger

jorbo & reilly, reunited at last~

bbq (and idk what that chinese sticker is)

we found jordan's harry potter fanfic
snuggin' with reilly


someone made plushies of AK & me


toy joy haul: cabbage sonny angel, patty & jimmy ring, tiny harmonica pendant


Strange Beasts art show @ Guzu Gallery

The Legendary Seven, by Mark Sarmel

I'm obsessed with the signs in Austin~
Azumanga Daioh puzzle bobble~

Willow video game

Bijou loves Star Wars. I am Bijou.

new friends

mother clucker donut from gourdough's

Elizabeth St. Cafe

#23 banh-mi from Elizabeth St. [pork belly, avocado, fried eggs]

macarons @ Elizabeth St.

spotted at New Brohemia: a vintage varsity jacket in Batgirl colors

neapolitan saltwater taffy @ Big Top Candy Shop

homemade Pink Lady soda from Big Top Candy Shop [sunkist, 7up, red raspberry & cream]

I Fell In Love With A Dress That Was Too Small For Me: The Betty Felon Story


hi from the sky~


  1. It looks like you had a lovely time!
    I can't get over that toy store, it looks like heaven, as do those macarons


    1. Toy Joy was an absolute dream of a toy store - I miss decadently kitschy shops like that!

  2. Thanks for visiting and I hope you guys come back soon! <3