convention recap: wizard world new orleans 2016

one hell of a pilot~

This past weekend, Jordan and I kicked off 2016's convention season with Wizard World New Orleans. Jordan has been invited to be a guest artist at select Wizard World shows recently, and I was fortunate enough to join him for this show. Since this was our first time in New Orleans, we were excited to hang out with some of our convention friends and sample the city after convention hours. Although we didn't get to play tourist as much as we planned, it was really nice to have a little getaway from wintry New England. 

Weekend highlights:
  • We had the pleasure of reconnecting with convention friends and meeting a lot of incredibly sweet people who stopped by Jordan's table at the show. For serious - everyone was so cute and nice.
  • We ate alligator, like, every night. We also ate crawfish étouffée, fried catfish, boudin, and pralines. Everything we ate was absolutely divine. Next time, we'll make sure to eat beignets!!!
  • The size and diversity of the artist alley was very impressive. I'm usually used to WW shows serving as a nerd mall with a row of celebrities, but it's nice to see this show feature so many artists and I look forward to checking out more WW shows this year.
  • Despite its name, there were no Bank of America locations in New Orleans (a city in America).
  • 2016 is the year that Homestuck cosplayers graduate to Undertale cosplay. 
  • I got a Catwoman gun.
  • We ate Popeye's in the airport. Twice. 
Anyway, click through for some snapshots from our trip to New Orleans~

hi jorbo~

day 1 outfit

we out here

new star locket ☆彡

I ran into qt bb Kammie during the convention~💖💖💖


I met the cutest Batgirl ever~💖

FINALLY. I can't wait to prime and paint it gold ✨ [catwoman pistol, by arsenal models]

day 3 outfit

i did it i beat the kanto region now onto the elite four~ [pokemon gym badges, by sanshee]

comic con qt bros robert & jordan

a gift from Scott: John Romita romance comics!

so long, nola

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