convention recap: mocca fest 2016 / nyc trip

art by Noelle Stevenson
This past weekend, I hopped on the Lucky Star to NYC to see my friends and to check out MoCCA Fest 2016. I realized that I hadn't gone to MoCCA Fest since 2012 (which is like, one high school ago) and since some of my favorite artists were tabling, I figured it was about time that I return to MoCCA. I originally started going to MoCCA Fest back in 2007 to assist my friends in Kaiju Big Battel. Ever since, I've always been fond of MoCCA Fest and the assortment of artists and work exhibited every year, and I went almost every year up until 2012 and I guess life and limited vacation days got in the way and now it's 2016 so hi hello welcome to new york it's been waiting 4 u

we out here [feat. Lauren, Ricardo, & Derek]
This year, Lauren, Caitie, Darshana, and I went to MoCCA Fest together, where we got to catch up with some of our friends who were tabling and attending the show. I also got to meet some of my favorite artists, including Trungles & Jane Mai, who were too sweet in person. Since I was only at the show on Saturday, I only got one commission (a beautiful Creamy Mami from Trungles) but I gathered some beautiful comics and art treasures (and also a button of Rob Liefeld's face). Unfortunately, the show was a little too crowded to take more photos and conduct interviews for Speech Bubbles, but hopefully I'll catch some of these creators at another less-crowded convention in the future~

Jane Mai ☆彡

jane is so cute

hi Trung!

Creamy Mami, by Trungles

And then I bought some tsum tsums and we picked up Boston Market for dinner and had a sleepover where we spent way too long discussing our favorite Sanrio/San-X/Morning Glory characters. On Sunday, I met up with Jasmine to check out her new beautiful digs in the Upper West Side. We hadn't seen each other in over half a year, so it was really lovely being able to catch up on life and magic while watching Teen Witch, and I hope that we'll be able to hang out more this year. And then I was on a bus back to Boston, wishing that weekends were longer (or that I had some kind of arrangement with my work where I could telecommute for a month and couch surf in NYC or something so that I can finally have enough time to do everything that I want to do? Hey, it could happen. ~McWorld~).

Regardless of my telecommuting/couch-surfing proposal, I am eternally grateful for beautiful art, beautiful friends, and a cheap bus from boston to nyc.

Wendy Xu / Eileen McLain / Trungles

Daisy Ruiz / Emily MacLean

free rob liefeld button, from David Iseri

exhausted post-MoCCA selfie~

Nori and the Bats in the House (by Rumi Hara); See You Next Tuesday (by Jane Mai); Quarter Life Zine; Moon Kingdom (by Trungles); Harry Potter's Private Diary (by PEOW! Studio); Souchi sticker (by Draizys); Kewpie patch (by Dynamic Doll); Animal Crossing stickers (by Kevin Jay Stanton); Pigeon Boyfriend postcard (by Wendy Xu); sticker sets (by Jane Mai); postcards (by Trungles)

Jasmine's cat son, Brandon

~new tsums~