convention recap: wizard world philadelphia

Last week, Jordan and I headed to Philadelphia for Wizard World and fun post-con adventures. Since I hadn't been to Wizard World Philly since 2008 (back when I used to help out with Kaiju Big Battel), I was really excited to see how the show has grown and to wander the city with my friends. I spent the majority of the convention assisting Jordan and Joe in Artist Alley, but I got to spend a lot of time hanging out with our friends, meeting tons of new people, and I even got to check out some panels. It was also Lauren's birthday weekend, so we had the pleasure of spending the entire convention with the birthday girl, Alex, and Tony. We had such a great time in Philly - I can't wait to go back next year!

  • Since Sebastian Stan was one of the many MCU celebrity guests at this convention, both Jordan and Joe were bombarded with Bucky/Winter Soldier commissions. It was great.
  • Our hotel situation was 💯💯💯 The hotel was attached to the convention center through a sky bridge, which was super convenient and relieved me from having to walk in the balmy 89°F weather. Additionally, since our friends were staying on the same floor as us, it felt like we were in a fancy dormitory~
  • The one thing that I missed the most about Philly was hitting up the Reading Terminal Market for a variety of quick and affordable meals during the convention. I really loved the egg foo young rice plate at Golden Bowl during my previous trips to Wizard World Philly (which I treated myself to during this trip (twice)), and I was a big fan of Keven Parker's Soul Food Cafe. We were also able to pick up some healthy snacks to hold us over during the week at the market.
  • Although I don't really cosplay that much anymore, I did put together a last-minute Jubilee outfit (I literally found the top and skirt the weekend before the convention!), and I had a lot of fun running around as a qt mutie.
  • On Saturday morning, I got up super early to wait in line for the Captain America panel. I haven't actually attended a large/celebrity panel in a long time, and while I'm not crazy about lines or huge crowds, we got to see Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, and Anthony Mackie being qts.
  • Thanks to Jordan and Wizard World, I got to meet the Bella Twins on Sunday. Ever since I got addicted to Total Divas last year, I've been absolutely inspired by the Bella Twins and they were the celebrities that I wanted to meet the most at this convention. Although I was originally going to wear a Wonder Woman-themed outfit, I opted for a red x black Bella Army ensemble, complete with my Divas Championship Belt to get signed. Brie and Nikki were unbelievably sweet in person - they loved my outfit and gave me hugs and I was just so over the moon~ I also think this was the first time I've ever, like, cried after meeting people that I admire? The entire experience just really moved me and it was the perfect way to end our trip
  • I took a bunch of photos of all of the amazing cosplay I saw at the con - check out the gallery on ComicsAlliance.
Anyway, here are a bunch of photos~~~

I love JetBlue~

I got a tiny Groot for AK

Sailor Senshi, cosplayed by Sister Senshi Cosplay

Winter Soldier, by Joe Quinones

idk if i have enough lipstick for this 5-day trip

Scarlet Witch

peeking thru Jorbo's sketchbook

definitely my favorite vendor at the con omg

Yamitsuki Ramen


Tony, Lauren, & Alex

♡ actual angels

qt pins from Arielle Jovellanos, Ivonne Flores, and Liana Kangas


  1. Cute Jubilee cosplay! Love the WWE belt too.

    1. Thank you! I wanna get the new Women's Championship Title Belt - it's so pretty *o*