convention recap: heroescon 2016

Last month, we trekked down to Charlotte for our third annual trip to HeroesCon, where we got to reunite with friends, collect a ton of new art, and eat our weight in Bojangles. Although I miss going to San Diego Comic Con every summer, HeroesCon has quickly become one of my favorite conventions I've ever attended and the show keeps getting better every year; it's a great show for artists and we always have a great time. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to do any Speech Bubbles interviews for the show or take more photos on the show floor since we were all so busy, but I was able to spend time with some of my favorite people and snap some cosplay photos for ComicsAlliance.

Anyway, here are a bunch of photos of our shenanigans~

R2-KT ♡

Sailor Betty & Catzi, by Jiji

Jorbo & Lauren

I finally got to meet Jen Bartel

new tote bag from Jen Bartel / press pass featuring artwork by Stacey Lee

I also got to meet sweet bb Paulina and sweet boy Captain America ♡

Zodiac Starforce treasures from Paulina

amazing Batgirl of Burnside cosplay, by Mech-x-kitty

Ashley & me ♡

Jubilee flair + a bunch of new pins by Jessica Sea, Ben Sears, & Paulina

Jubilee print by Jen Bartel / Jubilee earrings by I'm Your Present

Joe, working on his Rogue piece for the art auction

Rogue, by Joe Quinones

Electro Wave Human Tackle commission, by Jake Wyatt

2 qt droids

cool guys
Amelie's French Bakery

fourze pin

Gogo Yubari commission, by Veronica Fish

Catwoman print, by Veronica Fish

postcards & stickers by Kevin Wada, Jen Bartel, Lauren Moran, Cara McGee, Joe Quinones, & Paulina Ganucheau
Lauren, Chelsey, & me

tiny Batmobile @ Heroes Are Hard To Find

Lauren, Joe, & Jesse

rly cool guys

these two won't stop fighting

Gotham Academy Back 2 School kit, from Brenden Fletcher

book haul from Ryan Cecil Smith, Jackie Lewis, Daniel Warren Johnson, & Jake Wyatt

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