betty felon vs. the never-ending clutter cycle



So, like, remember that post I made from 2013, where I talked about how I was working on purging and cleaning my room? Anyway, three years have passed, and I've donated and gotten rid of A LOT of stuff, and I'm in a much better situation than I was before, but also, there are still piles and piles of stuff that I need to sit down and sort through and it's still daunting as hell. The above photos are from a session of UFYH-inspired decluttering that I thought that I had done relatively recently, but it turns out that it was exactly a year ago. Like back in the good ol' days of 2015, when all of our heroes were still alive and everything wasn't on fire. Anyway, my little book nook of treasures and stuff looked presentable for a brief moment in November 2015, but it quickly returned to it's Before Photo status and has pretty much remained that way for the past year apparently??? I'm starting to suspect that the acceleration of time is directly related to my growing denial of the failures of my unstructured cleaning process.

I keep wanting to blame the lack of space on the fact that Jordan and I have to fit both of our possessions in one room, but this has clearly been an issue regardless of my living situation. I keep wanting to invest in better shelves/organizational systems so that I'll be able to create a meticulously organized space for all of the items I realistically want to keep, but I want to wait until I get rid of every single thing I don't want/need so that I don't end up with storage units that are too spacious for our stuff. So for now, everything is in piles, still. 

I thought that I had cleaned up my spending habits, which are definitely more streamlined than they used to be, but I'm still consolidating Piles of New Stuff faster than I can get rid of the Piles of Old/Unwanted Stuff. I feel more ruthless over sentimental with my possessions, and I'm more realistic about determining what goes in the the Donate Pile and the Sell Pile, but I still can't be bothered to actually schedule time to go to Buffalo Exchange or set up my online shop. I'm able to emotionally detach from my things, and yet, the entire cleaning process is still completely daunting, especially on weeknights after work.

Anyway, I'm caught in a weird clutter cycle, and I just needed to put this out there in hopes that it'll make me accountable and motivated to clean and sort through my piles and set up my online store because oh my god it's been over three years and my room is still a mess~♫♪♫

Side note: for those who are interested, where should I sell my stuff online? I have a bunch of clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, toys, and comics. I set up a one-stop shop for all of my things on Storenvy, but it seems like ppl aren't really digging Storenvy nowadays??? I'm currently considering just putting my fashion stuff on Depop and the rest on eBay, but any insight would be great ☆彡

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