Over the past year, I've been experimenting with my Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 and I finally got a chance to scan all of my shots that I've taken thus far (thanks to Benn). Since I usually shoot with my Nikon Coolpix L120 and my iPhone, I have a tendency to take a lot of "safety shots", which ensures that I can get the best shot while quickly filling up my memory cards with at least a dozen unnecessary outtakes. Despite the luxury/burden of limitless digital shots, I've been pushing myself to be more selective and mindful with my photos and my Instax has definitely made me more conscious of this effort, especially with only ten exposures per film cartridge.

I'm still getting used to adjusting the aperture settings to account for better exposures, but I really love how user-friendly the Instax is. Even though I usually carry my Instax around with me in my purse and I've brought it to every convention, I only have twenty-four photos thus far, but I just stocked up on some more film and I look foward to taking more Instax photos in 2015.

Anyway, here's my humble gallery of Instax shots thus far~~~


a very belated birthday post

hey, here's a belated post about my birthday weekend a couple months ago~

This year, my birthday (September 19th) fell on a Friday, and since both Jordan, Lauren, and Nick were visiting over the course of two weeks, we ended up celebrating both my and AK's birthdays for the rest of the month. On my birthday, Jordan treated me to lunch at my favorite ramen joint and we went to the New England Aquarium (thanks to resident mermaid, Maris). Since it was off-season and a workday, we were able to peruse the Aquarium without dealing with massive crowds and I got to spend more time petting mantarays and admiring the tiny tank of Leidy's Comb Jellyfish. We also got a chance to ride the carousel before we had to head back to Somerville to get ready for my and AK's karaoke birthday party.

After skipping out on birthday parties over the last couple of years, AK and I decided to treat ourselves to a proper birthday celebration this year. We summoned our closest friends to a private karaoke room at DoReMi and everyone sang (including the karaoke newbies) and it was great. I'm jonesing to organize a monthly/bi-monthly karaoke thing but I'm kind of deterred by the fact that there aren't more karaoke places in Cambridge/Somerville.

During the weekend, we originally had planned to go to Funspot in New Hampshire for a day at the arcade, but due to a late start, we ended up going to Shake Shack and Lanes & Games for drinks and a couple games of bowling. It was a lot of fun, but I'm really itching to go to an arcade again. LET'S GO TO AN ARCADE SOON, GUYS.

Anyway, some of my talented friends surprised me with some birthday art
by beanyneko
by Susie Nguyen



happy halloween

One day, I'll get around to posting about everything that's happened over the past couple of months, but for now, Happy Halloween~


art walk in the park / in the name of the moon

Here are some belated photos from two art events that I went to in August - the Art Walk in the Park in Central Square and the In the Name of the Moon art show at Hub Comics.

Art Walk in the Park was organized by Tofusquirrel, who coordinated local artists for a small show in University Park. I got to see Jonathan Reincke and Marc, whom I've befriended after loitering around their booths at Boston Comic Con over the years. I also had the delight of meeting Christina Siravo, whose artwork was whimsical and retro and perfect - I would love to commission her for some artwork in the future

Phillip & Liz

Jon & Mark

Christina Siravo

pins! by Bamcat, Christina Siravo, & Tofusquirrel

Sailor Venus & Sailor Mars prints (by Jonathan Reincke), Little Red Riding Hood comic (by Bamcat), Unico & My Little Pony print (by Christina Siravo)

The In the Name of the Moon art show took place at at Hub Comics and was organized by my friend and ComicsAlliance colleague Juliet Kahn. In the same vein as Hub's annual Batman art show, In the Name of the Moon featured multimedia artwork inspired by Sailor Moon from local artists, including Erica Henderson, Joe Quinones, and more. The volume and diversity of the showcased artwork was amazing - I was particularly captivated by Rhonda Ratray's Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask paintings in the style of Margaret Keane, Christina Kelly's Moon Star Chart, and Lisa Kurth's Moonlight Sensation LP. I really hope that Hub Comics holds another Sailor Moon event next year - I would love to submit something for the show.

Luna, by Beany Neko

Sailor V & Princess Serenity, by Kate Bresnahan
Sailor Saturn, by Amanda Boucher

Sailor Moon & Luna, by Joe Quinones

Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask, by Rhonda Ratray

Sailor Soldier Mementos, by Rhonda Ratray

Tattooed Sailor Scouts, by Jonathan Reincke

Sailor Moon, by Amanda Boucher

Moon Star Chart, by Christina Kelly

Tuxedo Mask & Sailor Moon, by Erica Henderson

Moonlight Sensation, by Lisa Kurth