faraway friends~

souvenirs from the weekend

Last week, I was fortunate enough to see some of my friends from across the country (/Canadian border) due to PAX East and a Taking Back Sunday show (note: I did not attend either of these events, but I am grateful that they provided my friends with an incentive to come to Boston). As I get older, I realize that the primary draw to traveling to conventions is to be able to see many of my faraway friends that I don’t nearly get to see as often as I’d like, which is something that we’re going to be missing out on as we skip San Diego Comic Con this year. However, I’ve been lucky enough to see all of my SDCC sailor scouts within the past couple of months, and I’m really looking forward to reuniting with some of my favorite people at HeroesCon and New York Comic Con.

 me & Risse; Alex, me, Nick, & Juli

We got to catch up with my sweet San Franciscan bunny Amarisse (who was working at PAX East for DoubleFine) and she proceeded to better/ruin my life by showing me Disney Magical World. On Friday night, AK & I took part in drinks and pizza with Nick, the twins, and all of their wonderful friends as they mentally prepared themselves for PAX East. On Saturday, Kate crossed the border for an impromptu visit (via Adam, Jess, and Chantal, who were in town for a Taking Back Sunday/The Used show (by the way, it’s 2002 again)). We dined on BBQ at Redbones and putzed around with our talented comics friends in Davis Square. By the end of the weekend, I came to the conclusion that there are only a few things that are more therapeutic than sharing good food/drinks with beautiful, talented people who despise the same things as you.

KATE ; grey scale tights with AK & Ming

In other news, I started going to the gym again, which will hopefully counter my current lifestyle of lying in bed and playing Disney Magical World for hours (note: I’ve only had the game for less than a week).




skirts (h&m)

With the passing of April Fools’ Day this week, residual emotions have surfaced as I count the ways my life has changed over the past twelve months. Last year, April brought a lot of loss and stress, but with those anxieties, April turned out to be a month of self-reflection and change. Although things are infinitely better now, I still strive to improve myself and the things around me, especially now that I’ve finally emerged out of this Winter Slump.

With that said, I’m finally cataloging some of my old clothes and accessories that I will be putting up for sale on Facebook and Storenvy (in addition to donating clothes to Goodwill and Savers), so that I can get rid of some clutter and create some breathing room for the clothes that I’m actually wearing nowadays. Likewise, I’m considering getting a table in Artist Alley at Boston Comic Con with some friends and actually pushing myself to create more. Now that the streets aren’t covered in snow/ice/bullshit, I’m actually quite excited to walk around more and be more active and dabble in the life of an Outdoor Kid. I want to go traveling to see my friends and I want to spend more time with my camera. I want to perfect the art of creating princess curls in my hair and telling people like it is. I refuse to settle.

But first, I need to clean my room and sort through my clothes.

But first-first, here are some new treasures I've recently acquired (like some chump).

Halloween steez: tote & shoes (h&m), eyeball purse (rainbow)
tokyomilk perfume & stila eyeliner (sephora), raspberry red lip tint (h&m)
a fool (outfit details)


popcorn and princesses

Last Friday, I made an excursion to see Princess J'ai in New Hampshire for a weekend of Disney movies, flower crowns (as modeled by Anakin, above), and shopping. Since we've both been either really busy or immobilized by snowstorms, I hadn't seen J'ai since her wedding in October (which I will eventually get around to blogging about maybe?). Needless to say, our respective lives have gone through a fair amount of changes over the past several months, so it was really nice to catch up with her, Dan, and Quorra.

 J'ai, Disney bounding as Anna; purple popcorn

Inspired by Disney's Tangled Movie Night, we stocked up on silk flowers and purple candy melts on Saturday to whip up some flower crowns and purple popcorn while we watched Tangled and Frozen. As I've mentioned previously, I've been wanting to dabble in the art of flower crowns for a while; although I haven't had too much experience crafting with fake flowers, I had a lot of fun picking out flowers at Michael's with J'ai. J'ai's bouquet was comprised of purples and yellows, from which she created a beautiful Rapunzel-inspired flower crown. My bouquet of supplies had a lot of subdued pastels (primarily pinks and creams), and I ended up with plenty of leftover flowers to make more crowns and headbands~

On a side note, every time I see J'ai, I'm inspired to coordinate more Disney bound outfits. I put together a Briar Rose-themed outfit from some stuff in my closet for J'ai's bachelorette party last Fall, but I'd love to do a Rule 63 Prince Phillip ensemble. Have any of you worn Disney bound outfits? I'd love to see them!

Oh, and I also got two of these Pascal bowls on sale for $1 each at the Disney store


details [march 2014]

  1. val kilmer necklace (vintage)
  2. momo
  3. カードキャプターさくら (spotted at anime boston)
  4. this doll has pink sailor v glasses
  5. richie rich in a moonight catcher
  6. stairs (chinatown) 
  7. molly baker (ebay)
  8. kitten mittens (asos), snow (my nightmares)
  9. another day, another suitor
  10. my two loves (from etsy and jordan)
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Convention Recap: Anime Boston 2014

We launched this year's convention season with Anime Boston this past weekend, and now I have a brand new alpaca. 2014 marks my ninth year attending this convention, and despite my previous instances of allegedly Not Really Giving A Fuck About Anime (But, Like, I Guess I'll Still Go To The Anime Con), this current Magical Girl Renaissance has definitely revived my enjoyment of the culture and made me HYPED on going to a Japanimation Conference. Additionally, Anime Boston consistently delivers a casual convention where I don't have to worry too much about anything aside from wearing a cute outfit, taking photos of cosplayers, and blowing my money on cute tchotchkes. This year, Jordan and Trenton joined us on our Anime Boston hijinks, and we had The Best Time.

Kiki & Nausicaä

AK & I originally had cosplay plans for the weekend, but we had to postpone them due to delayed wig deliveries, so we opted for lolita ensembles on Friday. Since it was AK's first time wearing lolita, I had a lot of fun curling her hair and styling a coordinate for her. As for me, I haven't worn a lolita coordinate in a few years, so it was actually really refreshing being able to bounce around like a dumb doll. On Saturday, we wore casual Studio Ghibli costumes; AK borrowed my Nausicaä dress, and I whipped up a quick Kiki-inspired outfit (because obviously). The con was a bit too hectic and crowded for us to get proper outfit shots, but I would love to do a Studio Ghibli cosplay shoot with Benn and Liz sometime in the near future (aka when it's not freezing outside by the way hi welcome to the blog where i talk a lot about the weather).

We spent most of our time wandering around around the large dealers' room and Artist Alley, in search of magical girl accoutrements, tokusatsu swag, and The Most Perfect Alpaca To Add To My Collection. While we weren't able to track down any スパイダーマン/Supaidāman merchandise unfortunately, Jordan was able to find The Most Perfect Alpaca for me (as seen above) ♡ I also got an amazing Lum commission from Arielle Jovellanos, and some small art prints for my cubicle at work.
Lum commission, by Arielle Jovellanos
Outside of the con, we made some time to see a few friends while satiating our cravings for ramen and milkshakes. We also had every intention to go to Doremi for karaoke at some point during the weekend, but we opted for drinks and card games at our secret lair in behalf of con exhaustion. And then suddenly, our mini-vacation was over and Jordan flew back to Austin and it's supposed to snow sometime this week.

Anyway, here are some more photos from the con and stuff~
(Note: All of my cosplay photos can be viewed on ComicsAlliance!)

~*convention haul*~ [details]
Team Rocket x Kim Possible & Bubblegum x Marceline mini prints, by Arielle Jovellanos
Lisa is a nautical magical girl *o*
sweet & beautiful AK~
~convention dining~



F21 haul: Batman '66 sweatshirt, moto jacket, bow ring, sailor jupiter earrings, bow belt

With Anime Boston coming up this coming week, I've been pushing myself to finish off some things on my never-ending to-do list before the con. I got an early start on Spring Cleaning and began clearing out a lot of my belongings in the apartment, as well as purging my hard drives this past week. I got rid of 6+ inches of damaged split-ends from my coif, and now my 'do is bouncier and flippier and wonderful. I accumulated some key items on my wardrobe wishlist, including a Batman '66 sweatshirt and a new moto jacket (above). Anddd I finally satiated my craving for a root beer float yesterday. So many accomplishments!

As for Anime Boston, we're taking it easy this year with cosplay, since we're still waiting for our wigs to arrive for our Saturday costumes. Regardless, I'm pretty pumped to wander around the con with AK & J, take photos of cosplayers, and blow my money on cute anime shit. As much fun as I have at comic conventions, Anime Boston is a more carefree and casual ordeal than comic shows, which is a pleasant way to open up the convention season every year. Likewise, since I'm currently channeling my quarter-life crisis through my realized fever dream of being a Magical Girl, I just wanna buy cute mahou shoujo stuff and alpaca plushes. Plus, I can load up on a bunch of Street Passes! Hi these are the things that I'm really excited about nowadays.

Oh, how I've missed you, Davis Flea~

Aside from fixing my hair and getting ready for anime guff, I stopped by the Davis Flea at the Arts at Armory. I came home with a few treasures, and then I treated myself to a hearty dinner of fried catfish and biscuits at M3.

In other news, Jenyffer drew me in space, wearing that outfit I wore the other day ♡_

Anyway, here are some other recent photos of stuff or whatever~