05.01.15 - 05.03.15

L to R: erica as vision, dave as captain america, betty as scarlet witch, AK as quicksilver, joe as tony stark, emmy as iron man, jordan as hawkeye, neil as thor, ming as black widow
On Thursday night, the Somervillains assembled at the AMC in Assembly Square for a late night viewing of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and we dressed up accordingly after someone muttered the phrase "closet cosplay." After much deliberation, Jordan decided to wear a Hawkguy getup that he already had from a couple Halloweens ago, while AK & I coordinated outfits inspired by Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. I'm still in awe of how cute we all looked! Anyway, spoilers aside, Age of Ultron was Only Okay.
twins and an archer

iron men
thor & black widow!

On Friday night, Jordan and I ventured out to the North End for a dinner date at Neptune Oyster. We wandered the tiny nearby streets and hung out by the waterfront while we waited for our table to open up. The first time we went to Neptune Oyster was for our anniversary last October, and we've since been daydreaming of lobster rolls, so we decided to celebrate some recent accomplishments with seafood (and some confectioneries from Mike's Pastry). Sometimes, it's fun to be a normcore Bostonian~~~


hanging out by the waterfront~

my favorite carousel animal

Saturday was Free Comic Book Day (which is an annual event that occurs on the first Saturday of May), but we opted to sleep in and head over to our LCS a little later than usual. We made the rounds to Hub Comics and three different New England Comics, and we came home with a small haul of free comics, as well as a copy of Jill Tamaki's SuperMutant Magic Academy. We also hung out with the neighborhood cats.
World's Finest~
FCBD haul
Superboy & Little Joe
Valentino gave Jordan permission to pet him.
My boyfriend is just a mass of hair in a cool jacket.

On Sunday, we made the most of this beautiful weather and headed to Harvard Square to meet up with some friends at the MayFair. The MayFair is an annual event in Harvard Square that takes place the first Sunday of May, with live music, food, and merch booths in the center of the square; I used to go to this fair every year with my family when I was a kid, and I think the last time I was there (a few years ago?), I got a ton of cheap food and cheap clothes from Hootenanny. Anyway, we ate some snacks, briefly visited the new museum in Harvard, and watched Freezepop play for a little bit before heading back home. All in all, it was a fun and busy weekend and now it's already Monday WAAAAAAH.

chalk art


japan festival boston 2015


This past Sunday, Jordan and I adorned ourselves with Kamen Rider masks and headed to Boston Common to check out this year's Japan Festival. Although we arrived mid-afternoon (the event went from 10 am - 5 pm), we still got to enjoy a lot of the festivities, including musical performances, a cosplay event, a really cute dance troupe from Showa Boston. Unfortunately, we didn't get to sample any of the food (due to super-long lines that were allegedly even longer earlier in the day), but I was delighted to find out that there will be a new Beard Papa location in Boston (after the Quincy Market location closed down several years ago). Though this festival wasn't quite up to par with the Japanese Summer Festival at Mitsuwa, we had a really fun time - we ran into a few friends and even got a chance to check out the neighboring Greek Festival (where we got gyros in, like, five minutes). Anyway, I really look forward to checking out next year's event~!

swapped out my bow for a kamen rider mask~

a style guide for masks


Liz & Benn!



carnival, pt. 1

A couple weekends ago, Kate took me on a wonderful date to the carnival - here are some snaps from our super fun adventure

Side note: The Cliff Hanger is definitely a replica of the old Nightwing ride at Six Flags *o*

this is my new home

tiltin' & whirlin'

dinner: corndog / purse: ebay

a view from the top of the ferris wheel~

bow: handmade / heart sunglasses: buffalo exchange / babycat necklace: a gift from Jordan /
denim jacket: h&m / alazin shirt: society6


mallcon / fuck winter

Somervillains ain't nuthin' ta fuck wit

After months of being snowed in, the Somervillains assembled for a trip to the South Shore Plaza (one of my favorite malls from my youth). Initially, the MallCon originated for the sole purpose to go to Dave & Buster's to play some Star Wars video game, but the trip quickly expanded to include a larger entourage and several hours at the mall to shop, look at tsum tsums, and take awkward family photos at Sears. Despite the mall being like, thirty minutes away, this trip took an entire month to plan due to conflicting schedules (which, like, yeah, this will happen when you try to wrangle a dozen friends) and the lack of cars within our public transit only group, but hey, it was totally worth it~~~

Erica's Ramona Flowers steez
After an hour and a half commute to Braintree, MallCon started off with some snacks at the food court before we wandered around in true mall teen fashion. Since I'm still in the endless process of cleaning my room, I restrained myself from giving into mall fever, however I did treat myself to some Tsum Tsums, Batman tights, and a black floppy hat (à la Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion). Also, did you know that Sears apparently doesn't have a portrait studio anymore? That's a thing we learned, but luckily there was another portrait studio in the mall who would photograph our entire squad. We topped off the night with dinner and arcade shenanigans at Dave & Buster's, which was fun and I won a large Bender plush, but it made me incredibly nostalgic for Dream Machine.

And then a few weeks later, we had a party to curse away the winter blues. So here are a bunch of photos from Mallcon and our Fuck Winter party~~~

Bat-tights, from Hot Topic

we're tsum tsums


the cult of Jordan Gibson

beach witch look for our fuck winter party