special delivery from osaka

treasure pile~

A couple months ago, I got a special delivery from my friend Rae, who currently resides in Osaka. Rae and I have been close friends ever since we met in Japanese classes at UMass, and she's been putting her education to use over the past several years in Japan (meanwhile, I still opt for dubs over subs because I barely retained any of my limited Japanese language skills). As much as I miss seeing one of my best friends more than once a year, I'm in absolute awe of the fact that Rae was able to follow through on her dream of living in Japan and dabbling in the world of fashion and modeling and education. Although we've technically spent the majority of our friendship across the world from each other, we're still able to keep in touch and go online window-shopping together as often as we did as when we were during school breaks.

I can't wait to properly reunite with Rae in Osaka and go on a shopping spree, but until then, I'm forever grateful to have my own personal shopper in Japan (especially one who fully understands my aesthetics) ♡ 

Check out these beautiful treasures that she sent to me recently~

Samatha Vega x Sailor Moon Luna purse
Sailor Moon train pass holder
qt puffy stickers~
a pin by one of my favorite artists, Asami Matsumura
gashapon qts
magical girl gashapons
sailor bbs
important office supplies


convention recap: new york comic con 2015

me & dick

Last month, we went to New York Comic Con and I picked up a limited edition con-exclusive souvenir cold~ Since I still had to work at the convention, I spent most of the weekend medicated and quarantined behind Jordan & Joe’s table and nursing myself with tons of water and Taco Bell x KFC. Honestly, I think this was just my body keeping me from overexerting myself as I tend to do during bigger conventions; despite my stuffed sinuses, it felt pretty good to do New York Comic Con with a daily dose of 8+ hours of sleep and abstaining from alcohol and parties (during an average convention, I have a tendency to lose my voice by Saturday due to exhaustion, alcohol, and talking/screaming).

Anyway, I had a really nice weekend and I’m really grateful for those of you who came by Jordan’s table to bring me water and tissues :3 Here are some highlights from the weekend:
  • Jordan and I took a bus to New York on Wednesday night and stayed at Lauren’s for the weekend. Much thanks to Lauren, Alex, Caitie, and Chicken for letting us crash in your living room!
  • Since I was under the weather, I hung up my Catwoman costume and opted for comfy outfits instead, including my new cape dress. I’ve also upgraded my makeup routine to include some products that are more durable for all-day wear (a major plus for conventions). However, upon editing all of my photos, I realized how sick and exhausted I looked all weekend, oh well~
  • We celebrated Darshana’s birthday all weekend~! Darshana and I had been friends on LiveJournal several years ago, and we ended up meeting IRL through Lauren shortly after I met Lauren off of Tumblr. Anyway, we had a weekend-long girly sleepover. Internet Friends 4 Ever~~~
  • I got a new sketchbook, and I broke it in with a few new commissions, including a glittery babely Zatanna by Genevieve FT, a hunky disco Nightwing by Yasmin Liang, and a sexy Fujiko by Arielle Jovellanos. I didn’t have time to get a commission from Jiji or any of the California Mean Girls this time around, but I’m sure I’ll see my fave convention qts sometime soon :3
  • I didn’t get to take as many photos this year, but I did manage to photograph some amazing cosplayers for ComicsAlliance (my galleries are here and here). Speaking of photography, I want to invest in a new camera because I’m not crazy about my Nikon L120 – the quality of my shots with my Nikon are comparable to photos I’ve taken with my iPhone 5, which deters me from wanting to lug around this inconvenience of a camera on trips and adventures. I don’t know if maybe I just need to practice shooting with it more, but also, I’ve been using this camera for at least a few years. If any of you have any tips or camera recommendations, please hit me up~!
  • Did I ever post a convention recap of New York Comic Con 2014? Is it too late to post a recap of a convention that happened a year ago???
ANYWAY here are a bunch of photos from NYCC~~~!


10.01.15 - 10.31.15

Let's roll, Kato.
So like, I'll post my New York Comic Con recap later this week, but for now, here's a recap of everything else that happened last month~

After spending most of our tween/teen years watching wrestling (and the last few months watching Total Divas, thanks to Lauren), AK and I made last-minute plans to go to WWE Raw (thanks to StubHub). Although I was immersed in Kaiju Big Battel for a couple of years, this was my first WWE event and it was a lot of fun. We cheered for Team Bella and bought Divas Champion belts. This is my life now. By the way, if you wanna listen to me ramble about Total Divas for over an hour, check out this episode of Elle Collins' Into It Podcast.

I spent a good chunk of October recovering from a dumb cold, but I was still able to celebrate Jordan's birthday and our anniversary (which means that we got to treat ourselves to lobster rolls twice~). We also got to reunite with Niko and Angelina for some spooky adventures in Salem. We had a nice chill weekend that consisted of tarot readings (courtesy of AK), yelling about Robert the Doll and mummers, and sampling a couple episodes of Kamen Rider Ghost. I know that no Kamen Rider series will ever be as great as Fourze, but I'm really digging Ghost so far (plus, I really want an action figure of this qt).

AK and I got to see Garbage during their 20th anniversary tour, and they were absolutely phenomenal. Jordan and I originally had plans to see Summer Camp in Brooklyn during our anniversary, but they had to cancel their US shows due to Visa issues :( I don't really get to go to as many shows nowadays (primarily because I forget to check venue schedules), but I'd love to see Summer Camp when they come back to America.

All of the sudden it was Devil's Night and Jordan and I were able to put together Green Hornet & Kato costumes and we rang in Hallow's Eve with the Somervillains. Ming and Neil hosted a wonderful Halloween party, which included a guest appearance from a bearded dragon, grasshopper cocktails, and a makeshift photo booth complete with haunting lighting and a fog machine. All of my friends had amazing costumes, and I already can't wait until Halloween 2016. The rest of Halloween weekend consisted of quiet movie nights and laughing over this video a lot.

And at some point, we went to the mall~~~

Anyway, here are a lot of photos after the jump LOOK AT THEM!!!


beauty review: truly outrageous lipstick [sephora x jem collection]

Truly Outrageous lipstick, by Jem x Sephora

Before Sailor Moon and Teen Witch, Jem and the Holograms was my gateway to magical girls, lovable villains, and 80's fashion. I spent a good chunk of my college experience rewatching and critiquing the entire series for a thesis paper about the feminist aspects of the show (or, as I called it, Jeminism). Nowadays, I get to share my Jem and the Holograms DVD box set with my friends, write about Jem on ComicsAlliance, and contemplate if and when we're going to see the Jem movie (which just dropped this week).

Although I'm trying my best to avoid making rash judgments about this movie before I see it (despite my fair share of tweets critiquing the trailer), I was pretty hyped for the Sephora x Jem collaboration, a truly outrageous capsule collection that includes an iridescent pink lipstick, a vibrant eyeshadow palette, a liquid lipstick set, and a compact mirror in the style of a gold record. Since I'm a sucker for makeup collections inspired by fictional characters, I purchased the Truly Outrageous lipstick last week and I adore it so much that I decided to do my first beauty review post!
Product description [link]:
A limited-edition, iridescent florescent pink lipstick inspired by the truly bold and outrageous JEM herself.

This creamy formula glides easily onto lips, leaving them with a bright pop of pink that is reminiscent of the iconic '80s pop look. The formula helps to hydrate lips, and the limited-edition packaging features the signature JEM lightning bolt. 
The lipstick is encased in hot pink packaging with holographic lightning bolt detailing, with a little JEM logo on the top of the tube. The color is a vibrant blue-toned pink with a violet-toned iridescent sheen, creating a pseudo-holographic pink shade. Nowadays, I tend to lean more towards coral pinks and reds, but this shade of Truly Outrageous pink is an incredibly wearable color that actually reminds me of MAC's Pink Poodle and actually seems more like a shade that The Misfits would wear? Which like, is a total plus for me because The Misfits are better. Anyway, the creamy formula is smooth and moisturizing and wears really well; although not a long-lasting formula, the color does leave a pink stain on the lips after several hours of wear.
Here are some blurry swatches taken by the vanity lights in my bathroom!!!


convention recap: boston comic con 2015

Ming & I are magical girls
In which, I've finally finished editing some photos from Boston Comic Con 2015. Almost all of my friends were tabling this year, so I spent most of the convention hanging out at their tables and wandering around in search of convention treasures. Despite the sweaty crowds of convention attendees in the mid-Summer, we all managed to have a fun and p chill time at the show~

Here are some quick highlights of the con:
  • Lauren & Patt visited for the weekend, and I got to treat them to vegan cuisine at Veggie Galaxy and Flatbreads. I'm so happy that I've gotten to spend so much time with Lauren and Patt this year :3
  • Snapped some cosplay photos for ComicsAlliance.
  • Karaoke! We threw another karaoke party at Limelight Studios, which is a really nice karaoke venue, but the song catalog is so lacking. I really wish that there were more karaoke places in the Cambridge/Somerville area.
  • I picked up some beautiful commissions and sketches, including a love-struck Donald Duck from Don Rosa, a Donna Troy from Jonathan Reincke, a Shampoo from Babs Tarr, a Batgirl from Michael Cho, and a sassy Hellboy from Stephen Green.
  • My convention haul was significantly lighter this year than previous years, but I did pick up a couple bags of Li'l Gotham mini figure blind bags and a few Kamen Rider Fourze blind boxes.
  • Jordan & Joe met Peggy Carter!
  • so many prayer hands~
convention flare: Batgirl & Betty/Jordan pins by Kate Bresnahan & a pin of me as a Digimon Trainer by Amanda Boucher!
Anyway, click the jump for a bunch of photos of my qt friends and my convention haul or whatever 


convention recap: heroescon 2015

This past June, Jordan, AK, & I returned to Charlotte, North Carolina for HeroesCon. Since we had so much fun last year, we convinced a bunch of our friends to accompany us this year. We got two adjacent rooms at the Hilton and had a big weekend-long sleepover full of laughs and Bojangles.

Anyway, here are some highlights of the convention:
  • Reuniting with all of my beautiful friends~! HeroesCon is one of those conventions where I can meet and hang out with some of my favorite people in the world. This year, we had Lauren, Patt, ALB, & Niko in our convention crew, and I got to spend some time with Jessica on Friday. Also, Rico used his artist alley magic and placed the Somervillains directly across from the Cali Mean Girls (Babs Tarr, Kris Anka, Jake Wyatt, & Kevin Wada), which made it easier for me to bounce between my friends' tables. I also got to meet a lot of my lovely twitter/tumblr friends throughout the weekend. Yay so many friends~~~
  • Met a lot of amazing cosplayers and snapped their photos for ComicsAlliance.
  • I didn't cosplay, but I did wear an outfit inspired by Kamen Rider Meteor and I got to perform the henshin a couple of times 彡 Jordan was wearing his Fourze belt, but he was stationed at his table all weekend.
  • I got to host the panel for the Cali Mean Girls. I've never been on a panel before, so I was super-nervous, but I had a lot of fun talking to some of my favorite qts in comics.
  • I got a lot of amazing commissions this year, including a Miss Namikawa (from Invasion of Astro-Monster) by Veronica Fish, a Cat Eyed Boy by Ryan Cecil Smith, a Senior Witch (from Kiki's Delivery Service) by Natalie Andrewson, and a Strong Bad from Matt Chapman. I also got a ton of prints, stickers, and other treasures
  • People recognized me and Jordan from our comic cameos :3
  • I ate so much Bojangles.
bad bitches

I already can't wait 'till HeroesCon 2016

Anyway, here are a bunch of photos from the con!


convention recap: special edition nyc 2015

everybody wants to be a cat~

Hi, I know it's almost the end of August, but here's a post about things that happened two months ago. Jordan and I made the trip to NYC during the first weekend of June for Lauren's birthday and for Special Edition: NYC at Pier 94. Last year's show was pretty great, so I was excited to check out this year's show, especially since Jordan was tabling with the Somervillains. However, before we went into convention mode, we set aside an extra day to walk around the city and hang out with friends~

Since I hadn't visited New York since February, I was really excited to return back to the city, especially with Jordan (who hadn't been back to the city since New York Comic Con 2013!). We spent the day wandering around, and we tracked down the Royal Tenenbaums house and the Ghostbusters firehouse. We ended up parting ways after hitting up Kinokuniya so that Lauren could go to Hedwig, so that Jordan could go to dinner with friends, and so that I could meet up with Jasmine and check out the Life of Cats exhibit at the Japan Society and check out the Hello Kitty time capsule. We eventually found ourselves at the three-story Olive Garden in Times Square because I had never been to an Olive Garden.

We all finally reconvened and returned back to Lauren's to crash before convention times. Lauren and I took it easy and arrived a little later to Pier 94, which turned out to be a pretty dank and humid venue for Special Edition NYC. Regardless, we had a lot of fun meeting up with friends, walking through the artist alley, and I got a chance to get a couple of commissions from Annie Wu and Stacey Lee Phillips. I also took some cosplay photos for ComicsAlliance and at one point we drank beers and then we went to the How I Met Your Mother bar (pfft).

Anyway, here are a bunch of photos I took at the con and from the rest of the weekend~~~

SOMERVILLAINS~~~! Jordan, Ming, & Neil!

Jojo & Jorbo

me, Lauren, & Paigey

Annie Wu!

Arielle Jovellanos!



this crystal burger was so large and so expensive

~modern romance~

Catsy commission, by Stacey Lee Phillips

Dr. Mrs. the Monarch commission, by Annie Wu

Lum, by Arielle Jovellanos; Utility Kit bag, by Ming Doyle; Batgirl & Spider-Gwen selfie, by Chrissie Zullo
spotted at kinokuniya: a lot of fourze books

fourze stickers *o*

Check out this cool children's book I got~

Lauren and her bae