Ming & Neil's Wedding [08.08.15]

Since it's Throwback Thursday, I finally got around to compiling some of my favorite photos from Ming & Neil's wedding festivities last Summer, including their Harry Potter-themed wedding shower and Ming's seaside bachelorette party. As both friends and artists, Ming and Neil are two people whom I admire with all my heart, and we were honored to be in attendance of their incredible wedding. Congratulations again, you two

But seriously, look at how magical last Summer was ✨✨✨


convention recap: wizard world new orleans 2016

one hell of a pilot~

This past weekend, Jordan and I kicked off 2016's convention season with Wizard World New Orleans. Jordan has been invited to be a guest artist at select Wizard World shows recently, and I was fortunate enough to join him for this show. Since this was our first time in New Orleans, we were excited to hang out with some of our convention friends and sample the city after convention hours. Although we didn't get to play tourist as much as we planned, it was really nice to have a little getaway from wintry New England. 

Weekend highlights:
  • We had the pleasure of reconnecting with convention friends and meeting a lot of incredibly sweet people who stopped by Jordan's table at the show. For serious - everyone was so cute and nice.
  • We ate alligator, like, every night. We also ate crawfish étouffée, fried catfish, boudin, and pralines. Everything we ate was absolutely divine. Next time, we'll make sure to eat beignets!!!
  • The size and diversity of the artist alley was very impressive. I'm usually used to WW shows serving as a nerd mall with a row of celebrities, but it's nice to see this show feature so many artists and I look forward to checking out more WW shows this year.
  • Despite its name, there were no Bank of America locations in New Orleans (a city in America).
  • 2016 is the year that Homestuck cosplayers graduate to Undertale cosplay. 
  • I got a Catwoman gun.
  • We ate Popeye's in the airport. Twice.
hi jorbo~

day 1 outfit

we out here

new star locket ☆彡

I ran into qt bb Kammie during the convention~������


I met the cutest Batgirl ever~��

FINALLY. I can't wait to prime and paint it gold ✨ [catwoman pistol, by arsenal models]

day 3 outfit

i did it i beat the kanto region now onto the elite four~ [pokemon gym badges, by sanshee]

comic con qt bros robert & jordan

a gift from Scott: John Romita romance comics!

so long, nola


goodbye 2015 / hi 2016

what I wore to mourn the end of 2015 and to welcome the birth of 2016
2015 was the year of taking inventory and taking out the trash.

After a blur of claustrophobic snowstorms and crowded conventions, I've found solace in decluttering my life in every way possible. However, in order to declutter your life, you're forced to take inventory of every single thing in your life and decide if you want to take it or leave it. I have been around for almost three decades and 2015 marked my first full year living with a partner, as well as my ten-year friend anniversary with AK. I traveled more and bought less. After spending too much time bouncing between people-pleasing and direct confrontations, I've reaffirmed that honesty is always the best policy and will immediately eliminate the social clutter of misunderstandings. I've made peace with the realization that it is infinitely less stressful to moderate my own toxic habits than it is to micro-manage environmental factors that I cannot control. 2015 was the year of drinking less, smoking never, and capping my venting sessions about the things that make me perpetually sadmad (my greatest vice of the three tbh), and it's just nice to not be tethered to these social crutches. Although I sporadically updated my blog whenever I found the time, recapping little moments in my life helped me reevaluate what I want more/less from life. I got rid of a lot of clothing (via donations and a massive Somervillain yard sale), and I'm still itching to get pare down my wardrobe to consist of only the things I Truly Love And Will Realistically Wear Within The Next Year. My shopping habits have changed drastically, in that I'm more selective about potential purchases from the mall and that I'm more than willing to save my money to splurge for a few quality items, including bras that actually fit*. I've been spending my lunch breaks away from my desk, and more time offline. I continued to navigate and renegotiate my relationship with the things I consume without letting them consume my identity, but also I fell in love with Star Wars again. I found my chill.

Overall, I invested the past year in keeping better company, better things, better experiences, and a better relationship with myself, and I want 2016 to be more of that Aside from trimming my bangs, here are a bunch of things I want to accomplish this year.

[a lot of these are rolled over from last year's resolutions but anyway~~~]
  1. Do more
    • cook more: I want to bring more homemade lunches to work and try new recipes for dinners. I need to schedule in time to go grocery shopping every other week, and rely less on Foodler/Grubhub (perhaps even delete all of my takeout apps on my phone???).
    • create more: I want to make zines and design enamel pins. I want to sew more and try my hand at calligraphy. I want to film more videos and start a podcast. I'd like to pick up cosplaying again, and I want to experiment more with my beauty/hair routine. My primary goal this year is to focus more on my photography - I have a few cameras to experiment with, and I'm excited to push myself outside of my comfort zone of iPhone camera apps.
    • travel more: I wanna go everywhere!!! [see below]
    • more outfit photos: documenting my outfits at least a few times a week will push me to coordinate my clothes in new/different ways. I want to try to wear every item of clothing in my wardrobe at least once, and I think this will push me to utilize my entire wardrobe, instead of rotating through my ten favorite dresses.
    • move more: I just got a Fitbit Flex for Christmas and it's nice getting a more accurate glance of how much I walk on a daily basis, plus I really enjoy having mini-walking challenges with my other friends on Fitbit. Step-wise, I currently average around 10K steps per day, but I'd like to push myself to 15K steps per day. I never really made the time to dabble in yoga or weight-lifting last year, but now that I have a gym membership again, I think I'm finally going to schedule in some yoga classes and get acquainted with the weight room.
    • drink more water: apparently it's good for you???
    • save more: I'm pushing to save an extra $5K this year by limiting my takeout budget to less than once a week, taking up some more freelance work, and selling some of the stuff I'm getting rid of before we move to our new apartment. I also want to cut down on my weekly comics budget and focus on purchasing more collected trades, for the sake of money, space, and re-readability.
    • blog more: I didn't stick to my goal of posting once a week, so I'm going to try my best to update my blog at least once a week this year~
    • coconut oil: apparently I need to incorporate coconut oil into, like, every aspect of my life. I'm going to buy some this week and get back to you in a few months.
  2. Do less 
    • drinking alcohol: I drink less than once a week, and when I do drink, I try to stick to a two-drink limit and I pretty much only drink ciders or G&T's. Regardless, I may still try to cut down to a one-drink limit and I'd like to have at least one dry month this year.
    • drinking soda: I'm going to try to limit myself to one bottle of Diet Coke a week, because apparently soda is really bad for you???
    • hoarding: I still have a lot of piles of stuff I need to confront and get rid of, and I'm going to set aside time two times a week to clean and get rid of stuff that I don't want. I also have a tendency to quickly accumulate a lot of photos of my iPhone, so I've gotten in the daily habit of cleaning out my photo texts and my camera roll at the end of the day and moving all of the photos I want to keep onto my computer. On average, I'd like to keep my camera roll under 250 photos.
    • hate-stalking: look, I know we all do it, but I'd like to eliminate this habit completely. Every time I get an urge to look up someone I don't really care for, I'm going to shut off my phone/computer immediately and go for a walk instead.
    • oversleeping: this is also something that I don't particularly do that often (since I have to get up early for work on weekdays), but it's really easy for me to sleep in and veg out all weekend. If I wake up late, I am not allowed to go back to bed for 12+ hours.
    • grinding my teeth at night: brb buying a mouthguard.
    • overeating: Jordan and I snack. A lot. We're going to practice better portion control by prepackaging portioned snacks in ziplock bags and cutting our meals in half to save the leftovers for a later meal. Any tips to combat overeating are welcome~!  
  3. Figure out a proper brow routine that works for my sparse Asian eyebrows
    I rely a little too heavily on my bangs to mask my unkempt brows, but I'd like to figure out a brow look that works for me. I like how my brows look when I spend time grooming and filling them in, but it always looks like it's too harsh for my face, but maybe it's just because I'm so used to seeing my skimpy wimpy eyebrows on the regular??? Help!
  4. Pet a racoon
    I recently had a dream about holding hands with a racoon and now I can't stop thinking about trash pandas.
  5. Have an amazing 30th birthday party with AK ☆彡 
  1. Conventions:  
  2. Austin, TX: I had so much fun the last time we went, and I'd love to go back this year.
  3. California: LA/SF [preferably not during a heatwave, like our last two trips~]
  4. Portland, OR: Jordan is doing a convention in Portland, so I'm hoping I can find cheap plane tickets to accompany him~
  5. more trips to NY: yo, I still haven't gone to Coney Island!
  6. Funspot
  7. Japan Summer Festival (Mitsuwa, New Jersey)
  8. Six Flags
  9. Museums: mapparium, cryptozoology museum, ica, mfa, moma, museum of natural history
  10. JAPAN???
  1. over-the-knee leather boots [preferably for bad bitches with wide calves]
  2. black velvet bow
  3. blue x red x yellow flower crown
  4. moonstone ring [more jewels, in general]
  5. catwoman gun
  6. ringer tee
  7. batgirl cowl
  8. eyelash extensions
  9. new luggage set
  10. new camera [preferably a sony rx100 mk 1?]

Let's do this, 2016.

*Free Advice: stop buying garbage bras from Victoria's Secret and treat yourself to a proper bra fitting at a lingerie boutique. Seriously - it will change your life.


museum of science / science of pixar

On Boxing Day, Jordan and I went on a date at the Museum of Science to check out the Science of Pixar exhibit. Although the Museum of Science is only a ten-minute bus ride away, I haven't been to the museum in a few years, so it was nice to wander through the halls and show Jordan around. While the Museum of Science may pale in comparison to the Museum of Natural History, the MoS will always have a place in my heart since I've been going to the MoS since grade school. Plus, like, they have some amazing special exhibits, such as Mythical Creatures, Body Worlds, and Harry Potter: The Exhibition.

Currently, the MoS was under construction, but we were still able to venture through all of my favorite wings of the museum (dinosaurs and minerals) before it was time to check out the Pixar exhibit. The Pixar exhibit was more quaint than some of the previous special exhibits I've seen, but it was filled with a lot of informative mini-documentary videos detailing the process of creating a Pixar film, along with fun, interactive work stations. There were also some life-sized Pixar prop displays to take photos with, along with a gallery of concept art and sculptures.

Anyway, here are some photos if you wanted to relive our museum date with us~

hi cliff

pokemon 1/2

pokemon 2/2

Jordan's skull

one of the personal collection display cases filled with vintage harvey comics treasures

heat vision selfie