travel adventures: san francisco

Oh hey, I finally got around to editing all of my photos from our trip to San Francisco~

Thanks to Hammer and Sabrina, we were able to squeeze in one last cross-country adventure before the end of the year (and for an amazing deal too!). San Francisco is a beautiful city that I had only visited once before (briefly), so it was nice to have a longer stay to play tourist and reconnect with friends. Although I didn't do as much shopping this time around, we did get to explore the city and eat a lot of amazing food. We closed out each night with snacks and horror shit; the entire trip felt like an extended sleepover. ahhhh I wanna go back!

Anyway, all of my photos from the trip are under the cut 💫
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beef sesame roll sandwich @ house of pancakes

here's a teaser from my new supernatural teen drama

greetings from endor


burger & fries @ super duper

hi hammy & sabrini!

my new religion

dim sum @ wing lee bakery

rainy day at the japanese tea garden

henshining at the palace of fine arts

reunited with Risse

rice burgers & fries @ koja kitchen

sweet bb buns

city hall was delivering magical girl realness

steak & eggs @ Louis'

lurking around the Cliff House

Jollibae 🐝✨

some souvenirs from sf ♡